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Fructus et Virtus : UK Cricket Tour for World Freelancers

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Freelance Foundation is organizing a daylong Cricket Tournament for World Freelancers entitled Fructus et Virtus – the matured fruit of Virtue as ancient Greeks understood to be the end of all their sports. The Art of Becoming.

In their finest hour, Britons, the inventor of modern Cricket also considered games as not some mere game of virtuosity but profoundly higher in scope and practice. It was the principle of being fair – strength with honour and of being a Gentlemn’s Game and the definition of a gentleman in Victorian era was something so sorely needed in our time – “A Gentleman (and Lady) is always above money.”  In other words, the ideal of a “gentleman / lady” was a Way of Life which is incorruptible by money.

We need this spirit so much in games of all sorts where more time in keyboard is spent not about the match being played but how the match could have been “fixed” after monies changing hands and sometimes these hands are the same hands that carry the National Flag !

It is these values which we want to uphold and as a symbolic act, we have organized a Cricket Match on 22nd September 2018 at the following venue – 10 am to 5 pm.

The Ground :

Aston Manor Cricket Club, The Colin Smith Memorial Ground, Church Road, Perry Barr, Birmingham B42 2LA 

Entry as a Guest or Player is free. But registration is needed and you can register here : 



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WORCON INDIA TOUR 2018 for Freelancers |Bangalore | 28th July 2018

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WORDCON INDIA TOUR 2018 was a sudden “bulb-lighting” event. Since were were accompanying Infosec Foundation’s Cyber security CISO event in multiple cities, we thought of organizing an informal meet for freelancers in cities in Bangalore, New Delhi, Mumbai and Calcutta on the next day.

Our “freelance team” worked in tandem and we informed freelancers – email, phone, social media, word of mouth and also told them this sentence directly verbatim from the Chairman’s opening address : “..I come as a Chief Listener. We would like to listen to the city-specific challenges and solutions being devised by you. We are not here to sell motivational snake-oil, membership, mantra to increase income 1000 times overnight, some mircale or as such. We are here to listen – gather direct field data and then after the Tour, compile and keep it in public domain as a shared corpus for freelancers, those who buy services from freelancers, those who aspire to be and those will be forced (what was called “Bangaloreed” in the West some years back).”  

On Friday 28th morning where very senior members of Infosec Team were present, we encountered a counter-intuitive phenomena : Corporate professionals were too eager to ask : “How can I be a freelancer ? ” or more un-packed question – “Is there a chance to survive as a freelancer after so many years of corporate work?”

Then the debate and deliberation started. It was intense, very engaging and visceral including inter-generational face to face discussion on “transformation of values of work-ethic – between loyalty and freedom, responsibility and sentiment, self-worth and market-worth, net-worth and life-worth.

We also had an objective of connecting and building relationship with our next wave of Leaders in the millennial generation and we learnt a lot by direct interaction and then over lunches with few such Bangaloreans.


What we Learnt on behalf of the Foundation ?

  • Freelancers face high risk from deadbeat clients, i,e, those who do not pay for legitimate work and there is not much of practical framework. Social shaming may be a method.
  • Senior and established freelancers / professionals must take the role of guide – not the fee seeking motivational gurus and Life coaches who have made a business out of the vulnerability and innocence of young and less experienced professionals. They must do this as one attendee told – “to give back to the society. not to take anything.”
  • The “romantic” view epitomized in the sentence – “be your own boss” is now almost equally pervasive among students (at the threshold of job) and corporate workers (at the middle of the journey) and that shows that the uncertainty and un-stability in Work, Mode of Work, Payment from Work are all under flux.  Chairman Pritam Bhattacharyya reminded the audience that this view is not the full picture – “being your own boss” is not sufficient motivation to get going, at the first stage. When you are a serious freelancer and just started, you not only have one boss but multiple bosses (read clients) to please. The ego-driven “I am my own boss” should be re-phrased as – “I have more freedom to decide how, where and to whom I sell my professional time.”
  • Mr. Subhasis Chatterjee, Tour Manager and Senior member informed how he started as a freelancer as a youth and then this made him visible to people who wanted his services and eventually offered a job. Or in other words, freelancing is not something one does leaving a job but can be a cornerstone of a job.
  • Bangalore media – both print and electronic surprised with their interest. With a small team based in Calcutta ( Communication and Control) and Silchar (Research and Guidance), we could reach a considerable number of media outlets and we hope to see their valued channels spread our message – a message not for profit or gain but to create a “garden” – unwalled so that cross-pollination of ideas, actions and best-practices can happen.

The TOUR led by two journey man of Calcutta Pritam Bhattacharyya and Subhasis Chatterjee and supported by many will call next port of Call : New Delhi – 9-11th August 2018.


The Freelance Journeymen of Bengal – Gupi and Bagha from Satayjit Ray’s immortal work on an art medium called  film


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Infosec Global Multi-city CISO Summit

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Wordsmith’s associate Infosec Foundation, in association with Enterprise IT World has been running a multi-city CISO (Chief Information Security Officer) Summit for Enterprise Level Cyber security.


The Summit started its Journey on 26th July at Marriot Hotel, Fairfield on 26th and witnessed a galaxy of cyber security professionals touching academia, policy, business, government, technology experts and CXO level people representing corporate houses from all over India.


Infosec Chairman Mr. Sushobhan Mukherjee delivering the Welcome Address


Mr. Sanjoy Mahapatra, Editor, Enterprise IT World at the Lamp Lighting ceremony along-with other dignitaries 

In his speech, Infosec Chairman Mr. Sushobhan Mukherjee posited a dilemma in cyber-security landscape – should we blame or take the challenge upfront and create a vibrant platform so that this can be collectively confronted. Here comes the significance of CISOs of Enterprise who should not only be competent but communicate and enrich not only their organizations but the industry. Mr. Mahapatra, Editor of Enterprise IT World narrated the rationale behind conducting such events with CISO at the centre and thus pointing towards IT industry’s focus on security of digital infrastructure.

Infoquest – A Journal of Information Security was launched, under the publishing umbrella of Enterprise IT world – a New Delhi based specialist publisher in the domain.

Key takeaways from the Summit :

  • CISO warnings sometimes fall in deaf ear but when a breach actually happens, then reactive response happens. There is something organizations need to know : security, like health is best when pro-active and the highest level of organizations must understand this facet of our digital lives : security breach is not an event – it can be collapse of a brand.
  • Enterprises must communicate and collaborate in this area. The more our lives are digital, the more collaborative responses will work other than silo-based solutions. Some enterprises are actually implementing such a design philosophy.
  • 25 CISOs across the country were awarded and one of the dignitaries reminded the audience that these officers must be honoured and recognized for their services, especially in today’s world when they bear a grave responsibility and custodian of data / information of an organization
  • There was an exhibition pavilion displaying products and services and CISOs were keenly attending these stalls

We wish all the best to Infosec Foundation and Enterprise IT World for this very relevant and useful multi-city tour and we shall see them in Kolkata on 3rd August 2018.