Terrifying Cyber Crime Through ‘Blue Whale Challenge’

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Terrifying Cyber Crime Through ‘Blue Whale Challenge’

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Trust you have already heard about the death game named ‘Blue Whale Challenge’. The same is in news in India post the suicide incident of a Kid in Mumbai, India.

The “Suicide Game” involves 50 twisted tasks before taking your own life to “win.”

A 14-year-old Manpreet Singh, a Class IX student in Mumbai, India flung himself from the roof of a seven-story building on Saturday in order to win a terrifying game that is apparently spreading around the world.

According to the Mumbai police, the boy is India’s first reported Blue Whale Challenge casualty.

Summary of the Game

  • 130 teenagers are already victim of this online game! Most of them are aged between 14 to 18 years old.
  • There are total 50 levels in the Game before you win. Game starts with funny activities, which can easily attract and attach your mind. But as the level of the game progresses, the more the task is to be terrifying.
  • Some terrifying steps are drawing blue whale with blades in your body, watching horror movie or a murdered video at 4.30am in the morning, and At the end, the 50th task is to jump from the top roof of the house.
  • Once this gaming app is downloaded to the mobile, it cannot be deleted in any way. Moreover, the continuous mobile notifications forces the mobile user to play this game.
  • The game started in Russia. 21-year-old Philippe Vicontacte was the admin of a social media page called “Blue Whale Suicide Game”, was the prime suspect for this death game and finally police arrested him. According to Police, Philip confessed of conducting the game. Unfortunately, his philosophy was to correct the society through his game. He was proud to say that his goal was to push those who should not live in the society, to push them to death.


Drugs, games and porn are the three major addiction for teens. This addiction is a rampant and children usually begin getting obsessed at the ages of 10-12. Cellphones usually serve as the conduit. Usually when studies get difficult, children tend to gravitate towards the Web and get enticed into all the wrong stuff.

Teenagers undergo hormonal changes and hormones take over their intelligence. Even if parents are caring and available for them, they will want to do something thrilling. Also, social media has gained so much popularity that children want to become famous through social popularity. They want a lot of attention so they indulge in this popularity stunt.

Teenagers are more vulnerable because the virtual world allows them to act freely, without the restrictions prevalent in the real world.

It has been observed that some teenagers have very low self-esteem, and rely significantly on peer approval. For them, the external environment becomes a source of inspiration, which is why they are willing to do anything to (project) a certain image.

Developers of such games are well aware of the vulnerabilities of the teenagers and know that they succumb to peer pressure easily. They are also well aware of the fact that teenagers nowadays are finding themselves unhappy, directionless and lacking goals

The worse part of the games like Blue Whale is that the creators of the group do not allow participants to leave. Hence it is important that parents teach their children about safe online behavior. Users, especially teens should exercise more caution before sharing any personal information such as their address on their profile because this gives cyber criminals a chance to bully and threaten them. Also, users should be more careful before joining vague groups, as their online footsteps can be tracked.


The ideal way for parents to keep children away from games like Blue Whale and other hazardous temptations is to invest more time with teenagers. Always keep a close watch on what your adolescent does on their social media sites and the internet.

Are you sure your child does not get dressed up in the middle of the night or does not want to catch you in the early hours for the last time, before jumping down the empty pails from the roof?

Let’s talk with our little ones, spend time with them as friend. Let us try to mix with them through Physical Games, Stories, Sudden Trips, Week End Shopping together.

Cyber-crime is not about only losing some money in bank, loosing mail passwords, wasting some data on ransomware. Issue is more serious as it is related to our lives. Our next generations, human minds are now targeted.

It is high time to react before it crashes.

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