Book Review : The Power of your subconscious Mind

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Book Review : The Power of your subconscious Mind

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I got the physical book in a busy office where there were lots of business activities. Just like you can hear the muffled sound of engine in any part of a ship, the office was having the purr of business being created, developed, pushed, closed and sometimes hanging in a limbo.

The book is written with a purpose and in a prose suitable for the purpose. An Indian reader will immediately see that the “all powerful sub-conscious mind” described in detail is what is called “atman” in Sanskrit.


Author : Dr. Joseph Murphy, Publisher : Amazing Reads

The magnetic core of the book is detailed below with a list for readers (from a reader)

  • Our sub-conscious mind is anthropomorphically value-neutral – it executes our orders without thinking contentedness of them. Hence, desire carefully because it might come true.
  • There is an universal connection – not understood completely where everything is connected with everything else – it is the Grand IoT (Internet of things). This means that brief envy of 30 seconds for a colleague getting more face-book likes may have 30 liver cells not working properly in next 3 hours.
  • Spiritual practices, especially scriptural reading is very powerful to guide the subconscious.

Author quotes from the Bible, especially the poetic verses and these verses seem to have worked for many. Such incidents are mentioned in the story / dialogue form which is pleasing and effective to deliver the message.

I end with a story, imitating many such stories of the book :

A very successful business owner finds too much work to be done, too little time and less support system. He is not unhappy to do the work but his “conscious” mind tells him that he is not going anywhere. Things are not moving forward. It is becoming going in rounds.

He is right – consciously speaking. Let us call him Mr. Achiever

Then, following dialogue followed

I : Did anybody put a gun to your head to take those initiatives ?

A : No

I : In that case, it must be you – your mind, desire, ambition that made you undertake these works ?

A : Yes

I : Did you ask all the parties of now and the future before undertaking these ?

A : No, how it can be possible ?

I : Yes, but you say this was not possible but still you did take up these initiatives ? And the only entity that appears to have been the “doer” was your conscious mind and judgement. Did you get any command, some message in your dream or when you were half-awake ?

A : No.

I : Then the matter is settled. You are the creator of the initiative and now a pattern is emerging which you appear to be not liking.

A : Yes

I : You must bear it now. There is no other way.  You have two choices now : Stop the initiatives. Change or seek means to change your reaction to the pattern.

A : Is it possible ?

I : Yes.

A: How ?

I : Spread the ownership to the cosmic extent.  Consider the initiatives as “God’s work” done through  you. You have not chosen the work – the Work has chosen you. You are not responsible for the choice.

Try to become joyful in the work. If you see you are not joyful, understand that your “small mind” is interfering. Small mind is always thinking of past and future.

You must also understand something practical : the work you are doing is reflected to other people’s mind as important and doing-worthy but most are afraid to do this. The intelligent among them understand the “cumulative value” of such work of yours in terms of building your reputation and power. There comes envy – another trait of small mind.

In order to silence these small mind chatter in your associates, you must use Big Mind (subconscious mind) and appeal to that core of theirs.

Once this is touched, you shall have access to power and energy never known.

Translation in Practice : Appeal to their Big Mind.Spend a part of your time in communication on this, not simply mundane transaction work.


One of the reasons why our Big Mind is not used is also because of our corporate working style. Consider a military leader of ancient times standing in front of a 50,000 strong army and telling :

We are the gates of “some famous city”. For last two hundred years, our forefathers tried to take this but failed. We shall create history. We are not at some gate but at the Gate of Greatness. Our success will open unthinkable riches for each one of us. In few hours from now, we shall create history and witness it directly” 

Now see some CEO of a 1,00,000+ corporation telling his employees ( imagination applies but essentially the same )

” Last year, we had earned x billion. We must earn 2x billion this year. For this, each one of you need to do the same job more – 2 hours a day. You shall have some 0.0000000000000000001 times * 2x billion more per month to buy a longer chocolate and longer car. We are building some product that will be done through a worldwide team and will be launched in 2 years and will create a revolution in the industry. Each team is working on a set goal, supervised by a Byzantine process and structure. Meanwhile, please work harder and take more risk. I had learnt this while I left my previous organization which was undergoing a re-structure and I found it risky for my career to be there and turn things around.” 


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