Kalikaprasad of Dohar -a tribute

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Kalikaprasad of Dohar -a tribute

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One cannot argue with accidents. So with Fate. The accident that had taken away Kalikaprasad of Dohar from us and his family cannot be argued with. We can only try to feel the depth of sorrow for the immediate family members.

However,his music and achievement will live on and will inspire someone in some city, some small town, some village to continue the journey he started. He is also a rare musician of Bengal who at a very early age was not only creating music but had already built an institution.

In all communities, a true latent is a rarity. Manpower is common, a true talent is a very rare thing. The same is especially true and relevant for contemporary Bengal. Nature replenishes human stock but she always displays  a strange economy in replenishing true talent.


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Since we both grew up in Silchar and he was my college senior, I remember his great organizing power even when he was in his early twenties. He was not a mere musician – he took all the attendant risks and life of struggle to pursue his dream with Dohar. It is no less achievement for a small-town boy to establish himself in Calcutta’s musical environment as a towering personality in his chosen domain of folk music.

A true musician never dies. He sings from another dimension.

Music in its ultimate essence is de-materialized matter, whether the matter is the material body of a vocalist or the instrument of a player. Fate, accident, catastrophe, disease can take away the material body or the hand that plays or the throat that sings but the de-material aspect is eternal, like our soul.

May his soul rest in peace and continue to sing the song eternal.


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