Communication – complicated nonsense

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Communication – complicated nonsense

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Business Communication without a purpose and practice is complicated nonsense, nothing else. It is sad but it is true. I have met at least 2000+  businesses in various meet, conferences, conclaves, exhibitions, trade shows and all the visiting cards combined will make a make-shift pillow. I am not mentioning the multi-paged and multi-folding brochures which will make a thick mattress.

I am not against pillow or mattresses but I feel sad for businesses, entrepreneurs, start-ups who have lost common sense. I am harsh but please consider the lines below and if they do not resonate at all with you, do not read further :

  • I find that my business is not growing. Although I am telling many great and glorious things to prospect to impress them, my life is not becoming impressive.
  • I am not making the amount of money I think I should make, considering my efforts. 
  • I am doing the same thing over and over again. 
  • I always find that I cannot afford to recruit the talent I wish.
  • My business is not delivering the lifestyle I want. I see that my friends who are employees are having a better life 
  • I tell myself that in business one must be patient but I do not think only patience is enough
  • I feel bored and at times want to leave the business

The root cause of all this can be finally detected to be one and one thing only : communication. 

Communication has  4 fundamental components  – Whom, Who, How, Why

Whom : Is this person / organization qualified for my communication ?

( Selling Combs to a completely bald man) 

Who : Who is communicating from my business

( The least experienced man sends mail-merge / Bcc mails to decision makers. Mecahnical  and Robotic call to prospects at 10 am in Monday ) 

How: Language, Time, Time of Delivery, Mode of Delivery, Duration, status / position / mood / situation of the recipient at the time of communication

( The person becomes sad and angry while looking at the  violation and abuse of the grammar and spelling of his mother-tongue and feels like strangling the writer. Sometimes, he finds the communication in a foreign language and Google Translate confuses more)

Why : What is your purpose to communicate and his / her purpose to attend to your communication ?

(A mini novel is written, with enclosure of 3 multi-coloured brochures with 15 graphs and charts in total with 12 links sprinkled in. It will take at least 3 readings and 30 mins to find out exactly what is relevant and interesting for the recipient. How many decision makers have so much time to find out what a gem you are )

Your message is not failing you. You have done almost everything possible to have your message failing to deliver.

You are completely convinced that silence has no power to communicate. The great silence you hear from your prospects is the greatest communication : We are not interested. Have us interested and then come back. We have listened to someone who delivered an interesting message. 

Then you start thinking. If I have not delivered an interesting message, let me give them a bribe – let me lower my price. So, you now present your bribe of a lower price. They have not asked for a bribe but you have advanced. Now, more people will advance the bribe to make themselves interesting. We all know that corruption is infectious. 

Your business is now trapped in a low-profit, low-quality, vulnerable and stagnant one.

You have self-certified yourself to be a low-cost, easily intimidated, nervous business.

Where did it all start ? Think again.

It all started because you could not make interesting communication. Since your communication was not interesting, you started getting noticed by those who are not interesting themselves. The question is not of size of your prospect but whether they are interesting. Finally, you are stuck with low end customers.

These customers told their friends (“birds of same feather flock together”) and your referral circle remains stuck in a circle.

You know, you do not go anywhere else how much or how fast you run in a circle.





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