Data (Protection) : the untold story

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Data (Protection) : the untold story

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For last 25 years or so in human history, internet users have accepted something as part of life : we share our privacy in return of digital citizenship.

This is not new. We have been providing data about ourselves to many institutions including Government all through our lives.

Notables : school, educational institution, hospital, court, banks, police station, land registry authorities, immigration, tax departments.

In last 25 years, we have been providing data about ourselves to many digital entities and 3rd party providers.

Prior to that era, we have traded little bit of our attention to advertisement to watch a movie in TV, almost free.

In short, we have always traded our privacy for some benefit.

In recent years, the data protection issue is vulnerable on three counts :

  • Cyber crime
  • Security breach
  • Sharing of data without explicit authorization ( many service providers sell user data without the user being clearly informed)

and the very scary one : entities considered benign and entrusted with data may turn rogue or outright malevolent.

It reminds me the wisdom of the Godfather : “Keep your enemies close, your friends closer.”

In terms of Internet security / data protection : be more careful and periodically re-assess your trusted parties. 


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