How end-user can be the greatest enemy of cryptogrpahy

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How end-user can be the greatest enemy of cryptogrpahy

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Modern cryptographic algorithms, for example RSA cannot be broken, in theory, within a reasonable amount of time using a brute force method. To know why, please peruse – Pure mathematics and poetry. 

Then, how is a security breached which is practically   unbreakable ?

Human strengths and human weakness combined and they cannot be separated. These are signature tone of being human.

Human intuition – an innate aspect of a conscious being has access to a realm which computational complexity or algorithmic approach cannot reach, so is the verdict of many leading scientists.

Human carelessness.

Human capacity to anticipate behaviour of another human being or a group of human beings. 

Suppose you open a computer / system and it says


Typed text at the password box : NO

or you type : YES

How will the system respond ?

Think…. think again.

[ This event was imagined by Umberto Eco in his novel : Foucault’s Pendulum]



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