Employer transformed to employee

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Employer transformed to employee

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Sunday morning is bit relaxed compared busy weekdays. During morning bazar, I met the Sweet Shop owner in his shop. His mood was terribly down. He was quiet upset and angry at the same time. Once I finished shopping Sweets, I waited for a while for the shop to be vacant. Once other customers left, I took the opportunity to ask him about his setback. I was shocked with the responses as found immense similarities with my experience.

One of his workers came to him at 7am in the morning with fully dressed along with baggage stating that he is going to his home. The reason is that his health is not well. The shop owner offered him to take to the local doctor as his home is in different territory (5-6hrs journey). But the worker was reluctant as he must visit the doctor at his home town only. Without giving any further chance of argument, he left. The shop owner added “he will not come back again”. Similar instances took place to him several times where people leave without notice, all of a sudden and majorly without any valid reasons. Then he expressed the golden words” I am no more employer, rather an employee. I am always being driven by my workers and helplessly not only I have to adjust to the situations, but also cover up their shortfalls myself”.

I became speechless. Same had happened to me several times. But I was under the impression, it happens to my industry (IT) only. But this incident revealed the truth that even the un-organized Sector is affected with the prevailing social trauma.

Recently we had hired a guy called “Samit Bhadra”. Intentionally, I am not changing his name as I want my community to spot him if identify sometimes. He had been hired 4/5 months back as his skill/knowledge/communication was good. My partner had taken him to a customer place, introduced him with customer and explained him the support modalities. Next day he was supposed to carry out some activities. He did not come in normal office joining time. After waiting for one hour people started calling him and as usual calls remained unanswered. Finally, a SMS arrived to the HR person stating that he met an accident and he is under bed rest for few days. He never returned back. Now two, three weeks back, the same guy applied again on one of our opening against our online job advertisement. I was reluctant to consider him due to past irresponsible behavior. But my partner taken a call to explore him further as other alternatives were extremely poor in knowledge wrt him. But before re-hiring him, HR had a long discussion and taken a commitment of non-repeating similar disappearing behavior. Finally he joined and was doing activities sincerely. On his 4th day of joining, we had given him some task to test some tools in office and also to co-ordinate some activities with vendors. Me and my partner went together for a meeting for two hours. On return, we found him not available in office and phones are not reachable. Story continued as earlier and finally we sent someone to his home to verify and at least collect company belongings. He refused to return even the corporate cug SIM even and advised to block it. Now we had not major loss due to this kind of whimsical behavior except the customer commitment. Some activities planned and delegated surrounding him. This disappearing behavior enforced company owners to stretch their legs and fulfil customer commitment.

So finally “Employer transformed to employee”.

This is happening so frequently due to lack of ownership, accountability, sincerity. People leaving all of a sudden, coming late, becoming absent without notice, communication gap are few behavioral patterns which puts employers back to the wall.

What do you think?

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