5 Different Professions, Similar Characteristics

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5 Different Professions, Similar Characteristics

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During casual discussions with my friends, I always mention myself as a better doctor than that tribe in the present market. Why? No disrespect to the profession, rather a discomfort to the prevailing trends. Once you visit a doctor, what he/she used to do? In normal situation, your pressure is measured, your chest conditions  are verified by stethoscope and further most your throat, ear, nose or any other organs will be physically checked (based on the symptoms are being told by you). In most of the situations, outcome will be some pathological tests (different blood tests, Xray, ECG, CT scan, MRI, USG if not more). Initially some basic medicines (mostly drugs from a specific company, not generic and majorly now anti biotic) are given and post test results, more specific medicines are applied. But these are not a characteristics of a good doctor. I can search my symptoms on the Internet now and see possible causes with possible remediation/tests, even some tricks for natural healing also without even medicines.  Directly based on symptoms (if have tenacity to do little study/research), we may conduct tests and follow further medication based on test results. Only I (we) cannot read test results clinically and cannot write medicines without the help of third party (book/internet).

But a true doctor is different.  He /she is having lot of intuitive power, analytical mind based on experience.  The doctor can observe the patient and can understand /predict lot of things without even asking. Patients body language,  his posture,  talking, skin color,  facial situation,  nails, eyes, nose, hair etc. will give lot of informations to the doctor even without having a single dialogue. The moment patient starts talking symptoms, the doctor will map his initial observation and ask further relative questions to come to a conclusion on the root cause. Based on the same, he will apply medicine  (rather like a chess player the doctor will think of after effects of the medicine and give a protective  measures  also in case of any side effects). But in today’s situation, it has become mostly gadget oriented.  A good doctor will only suggest a test which will be used to justify his prediction.

Same applies for a detective, advocate, astrologer and auditor.

Hope you have read Sherlock Homes, Agatha Christie to Bengal’s very own Felu da, Byomkesh Baxi.  The major power lies in observations.  The power of seeing things which are not visible by the common man makes them different. They analyze human behaviors, writing strokes, co-relate incidents and finally concluding decisions based on their sixth sense.

Do you think a true astrologer needs anything else that three information of your life – place of birth, date of birth and time of birth (X, Y & Z axis)? Based on these three inputs, he/she creates your birth chart and through critical mathematical, statistical analysis can see images of your past and future. But this knowledge is important, other it will lead to throwing some stones to us as remediation.

What does an auditor do? Let it be financial, IT or process auditor, first and foremost criteria is to see what all evidences available. What all missing, what all needed to mediate the gaps. Accordingly a report is generated where he/she refers to some third party benchmarking/reference /law.

An advocate also relates our problems, comes out counter plans where the opponent can be pushed back legally/logically.

So below are the charasterics which make these 5 Professions different:

1) Observation

2) Co-relation of facts/incidents

3) Understanding human psychology

4) Analytics

5) Intuition

6) Prediction

7) Imagination

8) Logical Strong Mind


What do you think?

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