Music Has No Language

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Music Has No Language

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Sufi Sutra ! I had attended the musical event organized by Banglanatak dot com.

I know the organization for quite long time now and also it’s founder Mr.Amitabha Bhattacharjee. However, I am getting associated with their activities recently. I had been to akhra several times now and attended other concerts including “Bhalo Theko Nepal”.

And after attending the sixth version of Sufi Sutra (my first and last of it’s kind as next year onwards, it will be renamed as “Musiana”), I regret why I did not attend it earlier. Sufi Sutra pledges collaboration among nations, greater empathy between diverse cultural traditions, creating music transcending physical barriers and bring about a reunion of soul through the language of music.


The three days musical program once again proved that music has no language. The impatience, intolerance across the globe can only be controlled, re-directed through cultures. And music can be one of the most powerful medium towards it. As we (me and few of my fellow friends with similar mindsets) are also geared up to create a movement surrounding cultures, I could feel the pulse of cross border pollinations.

With the trend of Globalization, culture differentiates geography, cities and creates it’s sole identity. Folk artists across the globe assembled for three days in Rabindrasadn to demonstrate the message of tolerance, peace through music.

The artists from Scotland, Hungary, Portugal, Burkina Phaso, America, Brazil, Equador performed alongwith indian performers to tune people with variety of musical instruments.

We were spellbound with the violin by Cherry Grove from Scotland. First time we heard and seen an amazing instrument “Balafon” from Burkina Faso. Mamadou Diabate with his team mates from Percussion Mania took us to the heavenly world. They played other instruments also like Kiara, Talking drums, Ngoini as well which were new to almost all of us.


Hugo Osga from Kerrossel  (Portugal) played Indian banjo and I have seen first time a band performing banjo on a stage. Besides accordion, bagpiper were instrumental as well in their folk performance.

Remengo form Hungery came up with their ola gypsi folk music where they not only sang, but talked, used tones, sounds and make overall arrangement as a package.

Finally music touched all os us and took to a different word where no religion, no bullets, no bloods exist, only harmony, co-existence prevails.

Long love music.


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