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“Hey hey hey” my friend was raising hands on the road.

It was Monday afternoon in a rare winter season of Bengal. Both of us were heading for an audit (QMS, ISMS and ITSM) meeting on in one of the renowned government Enterprise. We were looking for a small auto ride instead of walking as in such a small distance, taxies were generally found to reluctant to go.

Fourth auto responded, stopped in front of us and we boarded. There was no other passengers.

As usual, we kept on talking on very casual things. One was commercial license as one of our common friend was asking information on the same last day.

Suddenly the auto driver stepped into our discussion and gave lot of insights on vehicle licensing. We were curious and found him to be extremely knowledgeable on rules, regulations, operations even technologies on automobile domain.

“How do you know so many inside stories man?” I was extremely curious.

“I run my cars in Ola/Uber” he replied.

“Then why don’t you drive your car instead of driving an auto? The revenue would be more” my friend Pritam responded.

“I have 11 cars” he replied quickly.

“What?how many” I was speechless!

“11 no.s Swift Dezires” he was instantaneous in his reply.

“OMG! Then my question is more relevant. You can easily ride one of the cars of your own instead of auto” Pritam responded back.

“I run my auto to manage the cars” he was prompt as usual.

“Running auto to operate cars? Is not it ridiculous? You need good pool of drivers instead” I was little harsh on my words.

“I have 31 drivers in my pool” he replied.

Both us were completely spellbound and by this time we reached the auto stand. This is the last spot and we need to walk few steps from here inside the lane. But by this time we were almost hypnotized by his business acumen and wanted to discuss further.

“Why don’t you drop us at the gate?” I requested.

“We do not generally run beyond routes” he replied.

“Boss, you are such a great business personal, why don’t we have some tea together at the gate? And if needed you may charge some additional bucks for going beyond the routes” Pritam pampered.

He agreed.

“How do you manage the whole operation and why auto?” I asked again on reaching destination.

“All my cars are garaged in salt lake and generally they operate in and around salt lake. In case of any turbulence/police problem, I can reach site in a very low profile” we were stunned again by his thoughts.

“But still managing 11 cars using 31 drivers are damn difficult” I was still not convinced, as I knew man power issues were more than anything else in Bengal as per my present business knowledge.

“Sir, I run all my cars in two shifts, I have tie-ups with driver centers even in case any of the drivers fails Attendance (even after using buffer from the pool) so that none of the cars stand idle in any shift of the day throughout the year. And management? See this” she pulls out two Iphones from pocket.

We had no words other than listening him” I spent INR 2500 every month on internet, apart from mobile internet, I have broadband WiFi at home. Each of my cars having two dual sim phones. Based on traffic/enquiries I instruct them to shuffle between Ola/uber/TFS”.

We were shattered by then and understood he has much more business knowledge than anyone of us.

He was Sonu sing from Uttar Pradesh.

Our salute to him. My heartiest prayers to the supreme Lord that the same attitude gets induced in the spirit of Bengal.

In the world of hallucination, he runs a true business on the ground and even after such a vast business and operations, his attitude toward work is fascinating.

Learning never ends and off-course we learnt a lot on that afternoon from the Auto Driver and his Autograph towards business really made our day.


(A true incident narrated in story format)



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