The Great Escape!

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The Great Escape!

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23rd January is the birthday for Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose. Today was his 120th Birthday. And fortunately or unfortunately I was present in front of Netaji Bhavan since very early morning. Netaji Bhavan was the place where he used to stay in Kolkata and he left for the last frontier from this house only.


The kind of characteristics he possessed are very rare in Bengali behaviours. Unfortunately instead of following his true spirits, positives, we keep on talking on the hidden stories / mysteries since years now.

I was there almost till afternoon today and found lot of activities on “Subhas Utsav”. Several clubs, bands, Celebrities, Politicians, TV Channels, and Procession were present. But general people got restricted to enter inside. Every channel, media, people were more interested on the mystery, de-classifications (as was scheduled to be released today by central ministry, I am still not aware of the outcome) as if in case we find his date of demise, Cause of Death, Conspiracy, all problems of India will be washed out.

This entire instances for years, celebrations, dilute his great endeavours, revolutionary thoughts, amazing leadership and off course immense patriotism and courage.

Subhas Chandra Bose, one of the few rare Bengalis who had not only guts, but had visions, missions, stitching power and exceptional execution capabilities. The way he dreamt for India’s freedom and stretched out in all possibilities across the globe, was truly instrumental. Unlike other freedom fighters in India, he did not only thrown his thoughts out of passion or patriotism, rather tried to assemble similar souls together and create a collective movement in order to have better impact.

The world is approaching towards World War III. None of the lands in any country are safe and targeted by activists. Open culture, unprejudiced thoughts are aspired to be prevented by Militants using religion, tribe, caste, politics and other means. True spirits of life through culture, literature, poetries. Painting, music are rarely been practised across the globe in real sense. We are being touched by external means, but it is not touching our souls, our emotions, our minds. World War III will be through Culture and we need to lead the same from Kolkata, Bengal. Let us be enlightened by the spirits of Netaji and identify him inside us to cross our barriers.

Instead of focussing on great escape instance, we may learn the great strategy to escape bypassing British intelligence and reach Europe. Let us get ourselves motivated to get geared up his approach for formation for Azad Hind Fauj (Indian National Army). His skills for blending different people from various geographies and tune them like an orchestra was really phenomenal.

Let’s extend our tribute to the great soul and bounce back crossing our “tolerance”.

Jai Hind!



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