[Monsoon – 2015 – Calcutta / Kolkata ] Entrepreneurs de Bengal

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[Monsoon – 2015 – Calcutta / Kolkata ] Entrepreneurs de Bengal

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My friend and colleague Sushobhan records a meeting of 20+ entrepreneurs of Bengal with a vision to start a lasting and blooming association. Not the chandimantap  variety but something noble. The land has long lost the idea of true nobility. However, without this sense of nobility, there is no culture or no civilization.


(Do not miss the poem he penned and also the translation. This invocation by poetry gives an insight into a Bengali mind : Heart has a reason which Reason will never comprehend)

1880 / Calcutta, India : Powerhouse of ideas, enterprise and confidence. High Renaissance of Bengal – fractured or not.

1930 / Calcutta, India  : Independence. National Mission Accomplished. Bengal like France in Europe has enriched India with the miraculous fertility of her womb.  Lethargy and Convalescence. Bengal has spent her last refined fuel.

1990 / Calcutta / India :  Crisis of the Cadre state – inception.

2005 / Kolkata : Almost no entrepreneurs, no dreamers, no lovers – only workers, cadres, deal-makers, operators and managers.  Three things went for sale : land, labour and women by the irrevocable law of history as a rich family descends into poverty.

Still, there were some who were keeping alight with their heart’s blood as fuel a spirit of entrepreneurship in the land. They were like lighthouses in the massive darkness. We do not know their names, most of them at least.

This monsoon, the spirits of those lovers of Bengal watched as a team of Bengali entrepreneurs assembled in East Kolkata with a noble purpose, generally absent in the land. The purpose is to consult notes of each other’s dreams.

Wordsmith Team welcomes this initiative. This is the stirring of a new life and as an obscure but passionate lover of Bengal and I welcome this :

প্রিয়তমা, সুন্দরীতমারে আমার – যে আমা উজ্জ্বল উদ্ধার

অমৃতের দিব্য প্রতিমারে – অমৃতেরে করি নমস্কার

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