Morphic Resonance and Consciousness

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Morphic Resonance and Consciousness

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A Cambridge researcher Dr. Shelldrake has written a book entitled The Science Delusion and among its many provocative concepts,  one is a concept called morphic resonance. The weekend became very interesting while studying the concept and some thoughts below :

  • Morphic resonance’s startling conclusion on memory is that our memory does not reside in our brain. It is neither processed (or recalled) as a computer accesses the physical hard disk. Our memory lies outside our brain.
  • If more and more people learn a certain language and practice this, the next person trying to learn this finds its easier because of morphic resonance.
  • Experiments with animals have demonstrated that a caterpillar remembers certain action even after the brain is partially or fully removed surgically.

I am writing below some paraphrase from the Bhagavad-Gita which go deeper and the first translation is from the second chapter :

  • There is the ‘owner of the body’ inside each body – be it a brainless insect or the most intelligent scientist like Einstein. The ‘owner of the body’ manipulates the matter inside and outside the body and is fundamentally different from the gross (brain, bile, bone) and subtle body (thoughts, feeling, willing). The owner of the body does not change with the change of body (surgery, disease, destruction, death) and goes on to manipulate matter to form another body. This process of transfer is regulated by another process and the ‘owner of the body’ is controlled.
  • Our fate or destiny is not completely decided by free will. Our feelings and intuition are not accidents of matter circulating but fundamentally different from material processes we currently know through the laws of physics and chemistry.
  • There are levels of intelligence and grosser the intelligence is, it will deny or falsely argue against any sort of higher control. This is because of ne-science and is an impediment towards knowledge.


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