Ms. Delight O. Life – revisiting after 2 decades

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Ms. Delight O. Life – revisiting after 2 decades

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I met Ms Delight in a lone hostel room in Malabar some 20 years back.  It still evokes a great sense of joy and hope. I did lose Ms. Delight in these years and then, suddenly re-discovered her in a book-shop. She was fresh and same-looking as ever and I instantly recognized her. 

I approached her and she greeted once again – 20 years went back like a flash. Overlooking a large Victorian window, I sat with her in a nearby chair and she mesmerized me. She knew what happened in my life in all these 20 years, especially what went inside my head in all these 20 years culminating into a bald pate where once there was jet-black curls.  

I could only murmur : How did you remain same , more fresh just as you were in Malabar ? 

A mild flush came in her cheeks and she told about her own journey and this told me more about my own journey.

This was magic, pure magic. 

You may read the transcript and can see an image of her here 


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