Big Data Guidebook : Chapter VIII : How to prepare for a Job in BIG DATA environment

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Big Data Guidebook : Chapter VIII : How to prepare for a Job in BIG DATA environment

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In the last post, I have told you the tier or job levels this architecture will create. I shall paste here and advise what are the skills you need for each segment

Transformers : This will be the army. Thousands and Hundreds of thousands will be in this segment. They will simply transform data from unstructured to structured or from one format to another. A machine could do this but investment on small bio-computers will be cheaper for the time being. 

You need not do much to be here. This is the age old data entry or transformation. 

Editors : They will edit the structured data as per pre-set guidelines. This resembles the army of sub-editors you see in a newspaper office. A newspaper is actually a product that handles Big Data without knowing it and hence are utterly miserable from suffering from inferiority complex.

Communication and disciplined. Need to be an avid reader of human behaviour

Fitment Architect : This is a small group and they will make abstract models (like children play with plastic blocks) and will visualize as how these blocks fit and change with time. 

Analytically thinking, mathematics, statistics, visualization 

Business Decision Maker : Extremely few – can count in two hands in any organization. They will use this abstract models and 2 dimensional plans and will be able to see the business future. They can be more aptly termed as Data Astrologers. Please see their working process and Process Diagram here . Also see one of the existing job profile advertised sometime back here for such kind of a Data Astrologer

Genetically advantaged, Practical, Adventurous, Happy go lucky, non-egoist, Not Data slave

I shall go deeper into the skills needed for 2 job levels in the next post.


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