Chapter V : Big Data Guidebook : The Bottom of the Pyramid

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Chapter V : Big Data Guidebook : The Bottom of the Pyramid

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This segment – the L of PSEL framework is the most voluminous and also politically most sensitive. Democratic Governments everywhere is interested in this segment because of the relationship between vote and job creation. The challenge of every government is common now : how to create jobs which do not need much skills, do not need much talent either and can be produced in profuse quantities.

Call-Centre provided that magic wand for sometime. But diminishing marginal return is working and hence this is also losing its sharpness.

For a populous country, Big Data is a big music to policy-makers and Government. The bottom pyramid of the Big Data architecture satisfies the following :

  • It creates opportunity to have BDC – Big Data Converter Army. These people convert un-structured data to structured data
  • It creates a smaller army of analysts who will prune the structured data.
  • Since un-structured data has a large component of different sense data, it will need culturally tuned people and a diverse army
  • A parallel teaching / training industry for the time being

Now for a person in L component who is interested to know how Big Data affects you, you probably have an idea.

Here closes the 4th Chapter of the Big Data purport of Wordsmith.



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