April Fool and Entrepreneur

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April Fool and Entrepreneur

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My friend Sushovan is an enterprise builder and he has achieved one of the rarest things in India : to build, run and continue to grow a SME level business enterprise in Calcutta. Leaving a secure, cushy and generally stale corporate job while being a Bengali gentleman and a man of Calcutta (which discovered the product, first time in India called : Government Job somewhere in 1800s), he has been the true revolutionary. He confirms his calibre in his post Fool’s Day – entrepreneur’s day. It is worth reading for anyone in Bengal or interested to know Bengal. The post proposes that April Fool’s day should be celebrated as the entrepreneur’s day. He argues with example and at the end, you really agree that he is right. He also demolishes a myth, a dangerous myth that has strarted circulating where a young man incapable and unemployable as a an unskilled labourer considers himsellf cut out to be an enterprise builder and lo, this becomes a lifestyle statement.  

I am putting some notes below his structured summaries :


This guy is a fool. The job was good with safely and security in life. Unnecessary he puts himself and family into trouble (if left job and started a venture to realize the idea).

This guy is useless. He could have opted for a job was good with safely and security in life. Unnecessary he puts his career into stake.  (If started a venture after completion of study).


It is quite natural. Once upon a time, a pregnant lioness was escaping a hunter and during the escape, she gave birth a cub. The cub was raised by sheep and after years, the cub ate grass and bleated like a sheep. One day, a lion preyed on the flock and found the cub. He approached and the sheep was running away in fear. The lion took him by force and showed in a pond that he is not a sheep but a lion himself. It was a freak that he was brought among sheep. You may be a lion among sheep. De-condition. 


He has grown big now. But he neither spends money in treating us not help us to grow in his company. He forgot our past friendship. We are only Fools since still thinking on him.


Everyone in this world wants to associate with something he ‘thinks’ or ‘speculates’ to be of benefit to him. Even when there is no benefit perceived by him, still he follows hearsay and other’s opinion. This comes from not understanding the karmic law of desire and deserving. Tell you friends : First deserve, then desire and do not speculate. They will not listen to, though.


Ex-Office Friends:

Clever guy. Saved lot of money during job. Now enjoying life with independence as he is not answerable to anyone. But he wants to make us Fool keeping himself low in profile.

In Bengal, there are too many clever people and too less really intelligent people. Men of purified intelligence are almost non-existent. This proliferation of too many ‘clever’ ( chalak in Bengali) men made one of the greatest Bengali’s of all time to admonish the fellow-men : No great work is achieved by chalaki. He used this exact word. The complaint of low profile is actually a pschological balm for them : He keeps a low profile, he is not succesfull or could not do much. Didn’t I tell you long back ? Do you smell the smell of deep-fried chalaki ?

Business man:

Nonsense person. Keeps on venturing into ideas. No sense of business, ROI and profit. He cannot be successful in life.

Rabindranath Tagore once told in one of his essays : ‘The person who has saturated himself by reading the lifestory of tycoons like Rockefeller can naturally argue that what is the need of having biography of a person like Jesus Chirst whose net worth was negligible. However, if we just shift the metric of accounting, the whole picture changes.’  A business man is like what an art-dealer to a painter. Van Gogh died penniless and hungry, his art-dealer now is a millionaire. 

Fellow Business Partner:

Always talks big beyond reality. No idea how to make it successful. No control on situations. Always freaks out. Wasting my time spending time with this Fool.

See first entry entitled : Sheep might have raised a lion


Boss always exploits us. Business is in full swing. But he always keeps on crying and deprive us. We are not Fools even though he tries hard to prove us so.

There are two types of men. One who obeys to learn how to command. One obeys ruefully because he thinks that to be in command does not need qualification but freak or chance or some hidden advantage. Add this with a communistic past, this sentiment is as clear as Euclid’s Fifth postulate. 


He is big shot now. Earns lot of money in business. But do not like to spend social causes in the locality. He forgot his past and root. No point fooling us.

When a society does find most of the doors of wealth creation either monopolized or non-existent, it feeds on anything it finds has anything to do with wealth. The population loses sense of proportion and magnifies absurdly. 


Now he is a big business man and sucks us by premium. He keeps on talking of competitive prices, but never extended any benefit in terms of discounts or free services. We are not fools. Next time we need to see alternatives beyond him

As a revolutionary, you need to rebel against revolution. From serving other person’s customers (an employee), you have rebelled and have your own customers. If you find your customers are not worthy of you, they need to be amupated. Fire them ! 

As a true revolutionary, do the unthinkable – fire your own clients, suppliers, employees, associates if your business so demands. No one but you are the true custodian of the business  !

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