Tax – National, Global, Cosmic

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Tax – National, Global, Cosmic

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It is the end of March and very taxpayer is busy and so are the tax-collectors. As our work’s span is increasing so there are arising situations and issues which need global tax framework. Very sharp minds are at work to resolve and make the framework. 

Tax and Death are the only sureties of life. Ordinary taxation of a country itself is too complex. Imagine how complex the global taxation framework will be. 

Government of any type: monarchy, democracy, plutocracy any type demands and collects tax. The right to tax citizens is one of the fundamental, rather existential right of a state. 

I rose very early today and took a walk in Calcutta’s Eastern parks and the sun was rising. A small red ball initially and then it became a while orb. I sat down in a bench and remembered my adolescent years when I wished to be a physicist. I could not become (like youj seldom get your first love) one but the effort was sincere. I studied from the Iwonian awakening to the Quantum physics and did quite hard work by the time I was eighteen. I was thinking that even a very slight change in the radiation of the stupendous thermonuclear reactor will burn everything till Mars into cinders. Who is maintaining this cosmic power station ? Who is reining (law and order) of this institution called the sun ?

Do we need to pay any tax for the services the sun has been offering without fail ? Let us say this solar tax. Who collects solar tax ?

What is the currency the tax needs to be paid ?

I took an auto and went to Ahiritola Ghat, further South to the Ganges. In the ghat, I saw people taking bath and offering their prayers. The prayer in Sanskrit is like this :

Ehi surya sahasrangshu bhaswate vishu-tejase

jagat sabitre suchaye karmadayine 

eso arghya om namo sree surya namo.

[ Oh the thousand-eyed Sun, illumined by the effulegence of Lord Vishnu

  Purifier of the world, Kindler and Giver of work,

I offer my prayer in all humbleness to you, the sun-God ]

This acknowledgement is the tax. This acknowledgement of the services taken in humbleness is the cosmic tax.

This acknowledgement can be offered to water, air, fire, earth, one’s breath, one’s eatables, in one’s mind or acknowleding this in any work.  The cosmic tax collection is so subtle and so sophisticated that it can collect tax from all these agents. 

If a petty planet like earth can conceive of Global Taxation Framework, the Cosmic Government must have designed the Tax Collection. 

The next important question is : Who heads this Cosmic Government of which we are a subject ?


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