Labour, Work, Project, Mission

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Labour, Work, Project, Mission

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We use work in a loose sense. I think some clarity is needed. This clarity illuminates the whole process. The attempt below :

Labour :Labour is the unconscious work. There are so much labouring in the world by human beings. Most labour goes in fulfilling four aspects : eating (food, fast-food, junk-food, haute cuisine, gourmet), sleeping ( cave, slum, penthhouse, gated community), mating ( legitimate, illegitimate, prohibited, anonymous, same-sex, trans and other variations), defense ( fire, security, hi-secriuty perimeter, remote controlled survelliance, smart security, cctv, ICBM, hydrogen bomb,vaccination). Think about your labour and try to find out how much goes into these 4 quadrants. Labour does not end as a living being’s 4 quadrant needs remain a moment before death ! A person doing labour is in 2 states : desiring something or regertting the fruits of past desires – fulfilled or un-fulfilled. Oh, if I could get this job…. I have chosen a wrong job….

Work : Labour with more consciousness. The choice comes in. Human beings only choose their work. No other animal has found to have any choice in their work. Higher consciousness elevates our labour into work. Due to this, many people leave otherwise highly remunerating labour to do something which has lesser or zero reumernation. Work has a begining and an end. Work which has no such conscious start and conscious end is labour. Many start work (launching a company) and then forgets that this is work and does labour only – they do not know when to stop or at what growth to stop. Example : No user left behind doctrine for many start-ups…

Project :Work with higher consciousness. The ‘worker’ consciously and continuously has the start-stop cycle in front. He/she has a clear and detailed idea regarding the time, involvement, risk, reward and exit. A project oriented worker divides his life into segments and since he exits-enters into segemnts consciously, life is never stale for him. An old man is completely inexperienced in relation to his old age. This segmentation of work and life is an art and has to be practiced. Those who do no practice envy those who does. A very rich businessman who has performed mostly labour and work look at a project oritented man and regrets – ‘I wish I did not build such a large organization which has become beyond me !’ 

Mission : The most refined stage of projects. A person with a Mission does not labour, he accepts all work in its true aspect, his projects are integrated and coherent and he knows the ultimate purpose of all work. A mission may degrade into incoherent projects. In its perfection, a person with a mission attracts everyone of past, present or future. A mission starts with a question and ends with a surrender. The question : What is the ultimate purpose of my life ? The answer : To know and serve the ultimate Truth. A person  with a mission integrates as well as transcends labour, work, project and his mission. In ordinary vision, a person with a mission may seem same or similar like a man in labour or work or projects. But there is a fundamental difference : He /she is all of these with high conscisouness. With such a consciousness, he does not desire or regret. 

In all ages, labourers + workers + project-oriented persons constitute 99.99% of the population. 

A man with a Mission is very rare. The rarity is something like one or two in 2000 – 3000 years. The power and potency of a man of Mission is so high that even in such statistical level of occurence, time cannot dim the message they deliver ! 

Are you labouring, working, handling projects or you are man with a mission ?


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