[Freelancer’s] The Last Temptation

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[Freelancer’s] The Last Temptation

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A true freelancer is an employee of the cosmic and eternal government. How ?

Observe a bee foraging in the forest. Or a tiger in the wild. Nature has designed things such a way that one of the most powerful animals – a tiger does not catch a prey everyday. Hence, it needs to store the ‘kill’ and then eat. Strange – the most powerful freelancer of the wild does not get his fill everyday.

In a zoo, a tiger gets his food regularly. Even when governments collapse or there are riots, animals in the zoo are fed even while humans die of hunger. 

The last temptation of a freelancer is to degrade himself from being an employee of the cosmic and eternal goverment to the temporal or limited government of a corporation (large client giving regular jobs), National Government or International Institutions. 

A freelancer, der trueu one cannot be employed by any Government, any entity except the Cosmic, Eternal and the Supreme Government that maintains, runs and oversess all other Government. 

Whatever name you give this Government, it existed, exists ( who is regulating the sun ? Can any government or all governments combine create a clean energy source like the sun ? ) and will exist.

I lost my Federal Government job when the company was dis-invested by the Government and it became a private company. This transformation was enough for me to lose all motivation to work . The decisive issue was job security. 

I felt, in 2004 while I became a private sector employee from a Federal Officer that I have been demoted by the Cosmic Government.

Alas, after a decade of being a freelancer ( with motto : Survival is Excellence), I feel the grace.

This was not a demotion. This was not something I should have been afraid.

I have become a direct employee of the Cosmic Government. 

From a corporate CEO, from a President of a country, I have to report to and to obey the Supreme Executive or the Supreme Controller who controls the sun and moon and also sees to it that out of trillions and trillions of freelancers acorss species and plants, I am being maintained.

Have you said your grace today when you got a paypal payment ? 


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