Big Data and Business Destiny – Six point rule

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Big Data and Business Destiny – Six point rule

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The more I read about Big Data from true thinkers, mercenaries, 90-degree visual writers, meaning-challenged data-coolies, I find a faint voice inside me telling me : ‘Simply, simplify’.

What is the destiny of a business ? It has actually 6 destinies only based on its inception charcater 

  • Birth (start-up) – an individual or a group or another business will be causa proxima for the birth
  • Growth – It will be like an engine. It will take input and will generate desirable and undesirable outputs. 
  • Maturity : It will reach peak where input/output/desirability will have either an intensely brief period, brief or considerably long peak-plateu period.
  • By-products : It will create many by-products – other similar or dissimilar businesses
  • Dwindling : It will have some internal or external or combined issues and the input / output / desirability will be disturbed 
  • Vanish / death / un-manifested : The business will cease to exist in its form of inception and may either vanish, morph, close or being taken up inside another business which by the way is under this six point rule. 

No business can ever escape these 6-point rule and these rules are stringnent to the extent than no business, however smart can escape this.

Let us consider the issue of BIG DATA (whatever it is) in context of transforming business in the framework of Six point rule. 

  •  A reproducibile, acorss the segment experiment / theory needs to establish the relationship between success in handling big data and overall business success. Currently there is none. It reminds me of initial euphoria of Internet where some people genuinely thought that as people will connect and interact seamlessly, there will be more international harmony. It did not happen. 
  • Data first or Business first ? 
  • Presuming we have the best BIG DATA engine, can we influence behaviour ? If yes, to what extent ? 0% ( no impact on a person’s free will) or 100% (complete negation of free will) 
  • Are there any previous historical model of Big Data ? 
  • Will more and more improvement in hardware, software, data capture, analysis, velocity, veracity will lead to a situation where the engines will be ‘intelligent’ enough to behave like an intelligent person or an an intutive engine ? 


Let us visualize two stories as a reward for pushing your brain hard. 

Story I  (circa 2014) 

In Bangalore, India in a software giant’s boardroom, the CEO poses a problem of dwindling sales, less margins and seeking to develop a strategy. Head of Big Data, impeccably dressed and a prodigy from one of the Ivy League universities of the US enters and he sits and pushes some buttons and massive fans started  roatating and the screen started crunching all the Data stored in its 24 storage centres, 200+ terbyte real time pipelines, all senors from every employee, all recordings from the hidden listening posts near the water cooler and canteens, also 3rd party listening data from competitors. The room temperature recorded slight rise and then he showed a screen like this 

————————- Takeover by Fagin Solutions expected within next 800 pentabyte data cycle ——————————

No one understood anything ! CEO asked what does this mean ?

Fagin solution is making a hostile takeover bid in next 3 days. 

Story II (circa 2014)

In Silcon valleys largest company’s boardroom, the same problem is being discussed. Head of Big Data was also present. For last 3 quarters, his pentabyte++ models did not provide much clue or turnaround regarding the dwindling sales and falling margins. It was a tense atomosphere. The CEO was grim and Head of Big Data felt that his own destiny in the organization may prceede the business destiny. He made his customary and boring statements which were little less sonorous than sound of fans and such as was happening 12 hours before in Bangalore.

Head of Strategy excused himself and went out and came back shortly after. A man of Indian origin was with him. When his turn came, he requested his audience to hear the insights of the man. The man opened a strange looking device – a scroll kind of thing. He also opened a directory like book. He opened the device in the table and went on checking and calculating. After 30 mins of intense concentration, he announced 

—- Mars and Saturn Conjunction reaching peak in next 7 weeks, 5 days, 31st min and 5th sec and means Friday 11:32 hours. ——

What this may mean ? 

None but the CEO understood the accuracy of the meaning. He has been secretly tipped off by the shareholders that he is going to be sacked in next month unless he can show some improvement. 






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