Business and Charm of a young and fertile woman

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Business and Charm of a young and fertile woman

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Business in its fundamental essence like birth, death, disease and old age is gender-blind.

Consider a hundred years back a young and fertile woman knew that Nature has given her a short window – at most peak 6-7 years when she can prove irresistible if she takes proper steps.

What are the steps ?

Remaining skinny, agile, physically attractive and always honing those skills to get the best man. This charm capital’s allure is million times more than normal capital as history since Helen of Troy has proved decisively.

But some don’t think way.

They either overdraw or think that this capital will remain forever. A man’s true natural power in terms of access and reach  increases with age whereas the more lethal, more effective power of a woman decreases with age. Head to head, a man of 23 and a beautiful woman of 23 has no match while both poised on natural power and on an natural environment. The capitulation from the man  is immediate.

A young business is like a young and fertile woman. She is running out of time and she has to make sure to ensure her future. What is the path ?  Target three clients who are fat, highly matured and they are looking for  some charm. Money and access are there for them. Spread your charm.

How to do this ?

If you are a man,  get charmed and learn.

If you are a woman, charm and learn.

Either way, Charm is the Key.


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