Wordschimdt Eastradamus : Ancient Aliens Series

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Wordschimdt Eastradamus : Ancient Aliens Series

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( Reproduced from the Plain Living High Thinking Blog of Wordschimdt Eastradamus)

Me and my 10 year old son had spent a month or more in  our East Calcutta habitat with other family members enjoying North East’s calm and quiet. Father and son spent lots of time watching the recent Ancient Alien series in History channel. Each episode triggered lots of questions, discussions – followed by many ‘prophecies’. A summary is given below with a hope that this will trigger further questions and attempts of answer.

The series provokes us in thinking into a different way into fundamental aspects of evolution in general and human evolution in planet earth

  • The concept, interaction and stories of special man (prophets, religious leaders, god-man) meeting God or his messages are actually interaction of man and alien entities.
  • The aliens have access to higher technologies and taught human beings these things. There are many evidences of aliens coming and interacting with human beings – timeline being hundreds and thousands of years.
  • Aliens are watching the human beings like a great Reality Show. My son found this metaphor very apt and asked me whether this is the case.
  • Aliens might have been responsible for changing genetic codes of humans, gifting them secret technologies and thus deciding course of human civilization 
  • These concepts radically and fatally challenge mainstream ideas like Darwinian evolution, Chemical evolution of life growing from simple to complex, human beings starting with rudimentary tools, time-line of civilizations being more or less 5000 – 8000 years.
  • Then the Great Hint : Our mythologies may be actual historical records. These records contain alien visits into planet earth since very very long time. 

I had asked the following questions to my son who was practically enchanted by concepts, themes and videos in the series. The questions/thoughts are :

  • If aliens have created us, then who have created aliens ? A backward chain now follows back. What/Who is the origin of that chain ? 
  • Bacteria / micro-organisms  in meteors or comets or in space stations may be considered ‘debris’ of other life forms. For example, when human being dies (and suppose we do not know this event), within few days, individually identifiable microbes thrive in the body. Now, if we examine the organisms and find organic residue, the cause are not the microbes we see but secondary-cause of the primary cause we do not know – the dead individual human. A backward chain exists here also. 
  • Alien crafts seem to use a propulsion system which has more to do with regulating ‘air’ or ‘fluid’ movement. Let us ask – how all these planets are being propelled ? Who devised the propelling system ? 

The vastness of the subject and our situation make all answers to these questions simply speculation. I was issuing warning to my son after very idea that these are speculations – more refined or less refined. 

He then asked, with the privilege of innocence – what is the real explanation then ?

The standard method of science, the capture of scientists by various intrinsic and external contamination ( internal : limited and mistake prone brain with 60-70 years of neuron-battery life ; external : economic and political incentives and interests) all indicate that the vastness of the problem belittle us. It also makes us wonder that why we also seem to understand many things at all !

The only way to know the real explanation is to approach someone or some process which had direct connection with the origin of the chain. 

The greatest weakness of the series is it’s limited reach and sweep of the query. It has stopped with ‘aliens’. It is not courageous enough to ask the next logical question : ‘Who created aliens’ ? 



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