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My experience in advising a start-up

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A business associate with whom I have been running a non-profit consisting of boring projects  for last ten years (see footnote) wanted to start a new venture – an e-commerce venture. The venture is to sell astrological gems online.The nature of the venture is not important. What I found important is how the ‘advisory’ can be made so portable in application. 


Since the time of Hammurabi, a successful business was built by a person or a group from scratch and through years and generations. It  had a locus and a spread. The business generated funds, re-invested and grew. Most entrepeneurs till today followed this hard, tough, un-romantic, long but sure and simple route.

Not anymore…

Every start-up now wants to grow expnonetially. They want to behave like a star formation. High gravity attracting investors, more subscribers, burning cash in a dazzling manner, losing money in as profliagte a manner as a teenager loses semen and waiting for that moment when the business will make everyone rich beyond dreams. 

My first advice to the start-up founder : Be traditional. Be rather ancient. Better still – be paleological in your business model. 

Product Strategy 

Product : gemstones. 

Who made this ? : Nature or the Supreme Lord of the Nature, i.e. God.

Who uses it ? : Sons and daughters of the same Supreme Lord. Men and women.

Where are they ? : Everywhere

What is the cost ?  As in the market

What is the price ? : Cost  of gemstones + Cost to connect + Cost to deliver + Sustenance to bear cost 

What is the profit : Sustenance + some extra for rainy day. (say 20% of sustenance)


There is no competition. Competition happens between two perfectly equal things. No two businesses are neither exactly equal nor perfect nor equally imperfect. 

If you do not have some edginess, the thought would not have occured. 

Marketing Stratgey 

Tell clearly, honestly, brutally and in the simplest of way the following sentence :

I am a new entrant in this area. I have found out the following competences I have, some of which are to be tested





I shall remain absolutely honest and I am doing this not for any of the following reasons 

a. To attract venture funding

b. To become a great business man / woman

c. To become a celebrity

d. To earn in GDP like thing and then retire and relax

e. To be a household name in the galaxy

Then, why am I doing this :

To have a modest, pure and legitimate earning to sustain myself in a modest manner and to be a trust-signed memory in every business relationship, including my customers. 

I am prone to failures and mistakes but I shall not cheat grossly or subtly. so help me God. 

Break Even

In 3 to 6 months. Since you are not having  the occult doctrine of first burning profuse quantities of other people’s money and then transmuting the smoke into bigger and larger money in the future directive of time, violating the first and second law of thermodynamics, you have to respect the cosmic law. Sow, Work, Harvest. We would have been all dead by now if agriculturists followed the 5 year break-even doctrine of valuation models. 

Mission, Vison, Values

Non-cheating, Non-Cheating, Non-cheating

Corporate Social Responsibility 

To produce joy in work. Not anxiety with hard labour.


In the long term, we are all dead.


If you are reading this now, remember a time when you were 3 hours old and you needed a very special kind of food. The food was ready and it was the best food for you and your mother must have felt while nursing you a sense of cosmic motherliness. 

Your very thinking of sustainability is unsustainable. Drop the most unsustainable thing. If the system could sustain you since you were 3 hours old, you need not bother. There are much much expert entities working on this issue. 


Quality comes from association. Nothing else will work. Associate with quality people and institutions. If you are unable to find them or connect, pray to the Lord. He will make arrangements to connect you with them. This will happen. You will be awe-struck by the miracle. You will be quali-fied. 


If your business ensures that you are eating and sleeping joyfully while doing your business, you are growing. Be absolutely assured. Rest are all delusions. 

Change Management 

Change management is a hoax and a fraud. The most worrisome change is getting old, getting diseases of old age and dying. No change management can work permanently. Why bother with the intermediate issues. See competition.

Client Retention 

In a train in a jungle, suppose you smelt a fragrance of a flower that grew in your yard when you were a boy of ten years. Did you connect ? Did the flower send you multi-channel engagement mails ? Did it send you newsletter ?

Purity is the greatest engager. Even hardened crimnals love their young children. Why ? Because of the purity of a baby’s face.  The very purity of your business will retain all good customers. See sustainability.


As a first class business builder, you are already successful. There is no external certification needed. For the less intelligent, the time valley needs to be plain and then the success will be clearer to them.

Start working for your business and radiate purity and peace. 

Aham hi sarva-yagyanam Bhoktra-ham prabhureba cha

[ The Blessed Lord said : I am the Lord and Master of all sacrifices ]

Start your buisiness with the Supreme Lord as your Venture Capitalist.

Your business will be the greatest adventure of your life and beyond.

Om Namo Bhagavate Vasudevayya 


* The non-profit is my marriage with Chandrani a decade back and non-profit we have been running is the family now consiting of two partly owned subsidiaries : two young boys 9 and 3 years old. 


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[Fiction] The Skype Call to Mr. Biswas

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Mr. Biswas, aged 75, a retired Central Govt professional lives in Salt Lake,Calcutta. Life has been kind to him and he had an unblemished professional career, a very successful son ( IIT – Harvard and now a top executive in a highly respected Research organization), daughter married and lives in Canada. He has his pension and with the pension and the state provided subsidized flat in the metropolis of Calcutta, he is economically stable and can be said to be quite well-off. 

He invested his middle age wholly on his children and thank God, the hard work gave  fruit. He had a grandson, now around 18 and is preparing for College in the United States. He has learnt to handle skype – thanks to very loving care and training by his personal banker. She has  been his confidante and when he visits bank, he spends more time in telling about his sons achievements and family issues than banking. 

He is basically lonely and since the main part of his life was spent in raising the children and investing in their education, he has lots of time and sometimes time wears heavily on him.

His son and daughters visit him once in two years and he and his wife went there couple of times. He had found few weeks of staying there fine but continuous living was too strenuous for him. He was amazed by the success and opulence of his son and now the focus shifted to his grandson. 

His grandson was quite like him in features. He was thinking that he will be a great doctor like his grandfather who flourished in Sylhet, pre-independence. The grandson, Shamik, called Sam by his friends was preparing to be a doctor. Mr. Biswas was expecting them this winter and he was excited.

24 hours back, something happened – a skype call and I am reporting this from there. A skype call but the universe of Mr. Biswas started reeling. He went to his confidante – the banker who gave him some consolation but it did not help much. 

Last evening, Mr. Biswas as talking with his grandson over skype under a heavily misty Calcutta sky. He was wearing the headphone over his monkey-cap and then Sam or Shamik told him that he was not coming. “Why”, he asked. 

“India is going backwards”, Sam said. 

“But how, why and why now ?”, Mr. Biswas readjusted the headphone and asked urgently. 

“Did not you see the judgement ? I am coming. “, Sam said

“What judgment ?, oh… I see.”, Mr. Biswas finally grasped the idea of the recent Supreme Court Judgment on same-sex.

“Yes, but what it has to do with your coming here”, Mr. Biswas was not comprehending.

Dadu, it has meaning. You will not understand. India is stepping backwards. I am not coming.”,

Mr. Biswas was still in darkness and he could not understand the connection between a supreme court judgment on an issue and his grandson’s coming to his grand-father across seven seas. 

He called his wife, removed the headphone and explained. She listened and then with the antennae of a woman, she whispered something to Mr. Biswas’s ear. 

The monkey-cap off now, the headphone put in, Mr. Biswas asked with a faltering voice : ” Shamik, are you a gay ?”

“Yes, I am and I am proud of it. I cannot come to some place where my freedom of choice is not respected’. The skype screen went black with a soft sound which only skype has discovered. 

The skype  dutifully asked : ‘There are some updates, do you want to install now ?’

His anti-virus said : The program you intend to download may have un-intended consequences. Do you still want to download ?



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War, Taxation and Citizens

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I had this thought while I was thinking of ‘freedom’ in various forms of Government. 

I have found out that in any form of government of any age of any geography, citizens have to face 2 issues on which they have no control whatsoever. There is no single exception. I think this is summarized by a brilliant wordsmith in the maxim : As sure as death and taxation. Consider :

1. In any form of government, the person, group or parties who are in power can declare war and this can either make sure that young men (conscription / mandatory military duty) are going to die or get injured. Civilian causalities are common and sometimes more than military causalities. 

2. Same goes with taxation. The party in power can impose various taxes within their period of power and citizens cannot do anything about it. 

In democracy, the system of voting provide a relief but as long as the part in power, the part can do almost whatever it likes. And it does. 

If we expand our idea of government broader – from nation to globe to cosmic, we may ask as what is the equivalent of war and taxation. Let us consider we are under a cosmic government where our national governments are units into the large cosmic empire. 

War : Death and Disease.

Taxation : Struggle for Survival.

Awful thoughts ! 



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Business and Charm of a young and fertile woman

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Business in its fundamental essence like birth, death, disease and old age is gender-blind.

Consider a hundred years back a young and fertile woman knew that Nature has given her a short window – at most peak 6-7 years when she can prove irresistible if she takes proper steps.

What are the steps ?

Remaining skinny, agile, physically attractive and always honing those skills to get the best man. This charm capital’s allure is million times more than normal capital as history since Helen of Troy has proved decisively.

But some don’t think way.

They either overdraw or think that this capital will remain forever. A man’s true natural power in terms of access and reach  increases with age whereas the more lethal, more effective power of a woman decreases with age. Head to head, a man of 23 and a beautiful woman of 23 has no match while both poised on natural power and on an natural environment. The capitulation from the man  is immediate.

A young business is like a young and fertile woman. She is running out of time and she has to make sure to ensure her future. What is the path ?  Target three clients who are fat, highly matured and they are looking for  some charm. Money and access are there for them. Spread your charm.

How to do this ?

If you are a man,  get charmed and learn.

If you are a woman, charm and learn.

Either way, Charm is the Key.


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[Reverse Thinking ] Book to Blog

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I was watching Ancient Alien series in History Channel and one commentator proposed that instead of a flying saucer flying into a lake, it is equally possible that the saucer was in an underwater silo and tool flight from below. If we edit the take-off part, one is naturally led to believe that the saucer has flown from sky (actually it flew into the sky).

A classic case of reverse thinking or reverse vision.

From 2002-2012, I had written a history book entitled An Intimate History of Bengal – around 1,60,000 words spread in 20 chapters. It can also be seen as 300+ posts each 500 words.

I have decided to release the book in the form of a series of posts. This will allow me run two parallel threads – one the original book thread and the other is the current edit thread.

Let us try !


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Wordschimdt Eastradamus : Ancient Aliens Series

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( Reproduced from the Plain Living High Thinking Blog of Wordschimdt Eastradamus)

Me and my 10 year old son had spent a month or more in  our East Calcutta habitat with other family members enjoying North East’s calm and quiet. Father and son spent lots of time watching the recent Ancient Alien series in History channel. Each episode triggered lots of questions, discussions – followed by many ‘prophecies’. A summary is given below with a hope that this will trigger further questions and attempts of answer.

The series provokes us in thinking into a different way into fundamental aspects of evolution in general and human evolution in planet earth

  • The concept, interaction and stories of special man (prophets, religious leaders, god-man) meeting God or his messages are actually interaction of man and alien entities.
  • The aliens have access to higher technologies and taught human beings these things. There are many evidences of aliens coming and interacting with human beings – timeline being hundreds and thousands of years.
  • Aliens are watching the human beings like a great Reality Show. My son found this metaphor very apt and asked me whether this is the case.
  • Aliens might have been responsible for changing genetic codes of humans, gifting them secret technologies and thus deciding course of human civilization 
  • These concepts radically and fatally challenge mainstream ideas like Darwinian evolution, Chemical evolution of life growing from simple to complex, human beings starting with rudimentary tools, time-line of civilizations being more or less 5000 – 8000 years.
  • Then the Great Hint : Our mythologies may be actual historical records. These records contain alien visits into planet earth since very very long time. 

I had asked the following questions to my son who was practically enchanted by concepts, themes and videos in the series. The questions/thoughts are :

  • If aliens have created us, then who have created aliens ? A backward chain now follows back. What/Who is the origin of that chain ? 
  • Bacteria / micro-organisms  in meteors or comets or in space stations may be considered ‘debris’ of other life forms. For example, when human being dies (and suppose we do not know this event), within few days, individually identifiable microbes thrive in the body. Now, if we examine the organisms and find organic residue, the cause are not the microbes we see but secondary-cause of the primary cause we do not know – the dead individual human. A backward chain exists here also. 
  • Alien crafts seem to use a propulsion system which has more to do with regulating ‘air’ or ‘fluid’ movement. Let us ask – how all these planets are being propelled ? Who devised the propelling system ? 

The vastness of the subject and our situation make all answers to these questions simply speculation. I was issuing warning to my son after very idea that these are speculations – more refined or less refined. 

He then asked, with the privilege of innocence – what is the real explanation then ?

The standard method of science, the capture of scientists by various intrinsic and external contamination ( internal : limited and mistake prone brain with 60-70 years of neuron-battery life ; external : economic and political incentives and interests) all indicate that the vastness of the problem belittle us. It also makes us wonder that why we also seem to understand many things at all !

The only way to know the real explanation is to approach someone or some process which had direct connection with the origin of the chain. 

The greatest weakness of the series is it’s limited reach and sweep of the query. It has stopped with ‘aliens’. It is not courageous enough to ask the next logical question : ‘Who created aliens’ ?