Fiction : The Executive’s Dream

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Fiction : The Executive’s Dream

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Mr. Samayraj is a VP of a global multinational and is a globe-trotting business executive. Other than his work, his main concern now is health – especially twin diseases : heart attack and diabetes. He had none but he is gaining weight. He is married with a son and a daughter and lives in a plush apartment in Calcutta’s Eastern suburb, a marshland some two decades back. 

He had a humble beginning. His father was a clerk in a public sector bank in a muffsil town nearby where they had an ancestral house. His grandfather was one of the early settlers and due to this the main business district of the town was within a cycle ride from his house. The house had long been sold. 

He has been a studious and intelligent boy from early age and by eighteen, he cleared one of the toughest test designed for young man in India : IIT entrance and after that he has done extremely well. In between, he picked up a MBA degree and the organization valued him a lot and compensated excellently well. He met his wife while he was in his 3rd year from the same town. She was a pretty, plump and pleasing girl of eighteen when they first met. She is more plump now and works in a multinational firm as well. 

In his last visit to London, he was delighted to see Barclay’s bi-cycle stands and used one. It was refreshing. His company was telling him to use bi-cycles to reduce carbon in the air and extra fat in the body. He liked it. In the evening one of his British colleagues invited him for a dinner and the college’s wife cooked a full dinner with all ingredients purchased from the farmer’s market. It was heavenly ! 

After few weeks, he had wanted to make a visit to his hometown – some 50 fifty km off Calcutta. He took out his shining BMW and with family went in one Sunday morning. He had vivid resemblance of the small house with a front yard and tulsi tree where his mother used to put a lighted wick every evening. There was sound of conch and a soft tring-tring of the bi-cycle announcing the arrival of his father. So long hours of cricket in the front yard… the neem tree which witnessed so many things.

They had made a tour of the place – his house is now an apartment building where no one knows anything of the past, nor interested. They all think that the last past was their past. 

His wife and children had gone to see the bridge over the Ganges and he was sitting in a small dhaba watching the highway. A bi-cycle was coming in slow pace and suddenly Samayraj saw a strikingly sharp light and the man from the cycle just stood and the cycle vanished. 

‘I am the personified Time – I have been asked to have an appointment with you. This is not illusion. This is not magic. Do not be afraid. I have come to deliver a message.’

‘What message’ – he asked and also found that even his lips are moving and sound is coming, he was still there, sitting and no body seems to be noticing neither he nor the personified time gentleman.

‘ The message is to show you the past and the future. Are you ready ?’

The words mesmerized him. He said – yes.

‘Lo – behold – there was a tring of his bi-cycle and he saw just like a 3-D movie, but it was more vivid, more rounded and he was smelling, feeling, touching everything although he was aware that he was not moving.

He found his father in a by-cycle – now flashed all the days, weeks, years and he was riding and coming. It was his routine. He found a joy-ness in the man’s face. He saw his mother watching over the window and preparing tea for him. He was carrying some vegetables in the carrier of his by-cycle. She came and took them and gave him water to wash and a cloth to wipe. She was issuing commands to the maid so that dishes pleasing to the husband may be prepared. He found the man, now checking his children and asking casually how the studies have been and drinking his tea, now offered. He asked for more sugar and the lady was quick to supply. She asked him whether he would like more biscuits. He answered in the negative. 

‘Is this a dream ?’- Samay asked.

The time man answered – ‘No – it is not. Dream is randomly strewn. This is a real event, captured in the Cosmic CC TV footage. This TV is everywhere. Within you as well.’

‘You are lying’, Samay said.

‘No, I only deal in truth’, – now behold. 

Another flash and the whole environment changed 

He found an middle-aged man returning into an apartment. He got down from a hi-speed strange looking car and was hauled to a lift which landed into a door. The door opened as if pushed by thought. An obese lady was eating something and was drinking from a bottle. There were many screens floating in the room. The man entered and the screens surrounded him. The lady remained busy in eating. He went to a box, opened a bottle and drank rapidly and reclined in the sofa. 

The watch showed time in five time zones and it was around 11 pm. 

Now the lady spoke – ‘ Did you bring the medicines for me ?’ He nodded. 

‘You are not at all responsible’-she told and then vanished into another room.

The man went to other room and found children asleep. 

‘Who is this man and who is the woman ?’

This is your son and his second wife. The footage is twenty two years from this second.

‘How do you know’, he asked.

Another flash : He found his wife and children shaking him. 

‘Are you dreaming  ?’ – you seemed to have fallen asleep.

‘Oh No, I am fine., Just dozing off.’.

Let’s get into the car quickly, I am getting late for my sunday TV show, the wife said.

A softer flash and he looked up and found an airplane rapidly crossing the horizon and then vanished. 


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