Contemplating a Book : The Manual – For our Father’s sons and daughters

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Contemplating a Book : The Manual – For our Father’s sons and daughters

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Last month, I went to a small town in North East India and stayed there and in the vicinity for two weeks before returning to Calcutta Anonymous. The place provided me the opportunity to interact informally with a dozen young men and women in the age group of 19-23 years and these informal talks made me realize the following : 

  • Men of this generation in such a back-yard geography of India are going to find it increasingly difficult to court, commit and marry women of their generation. Women are setting very high standards for their mate, soul-mate, partner. They all consider themselves entitled to get alpha-males. Note the word entitled.
  • The expectation is fueled by women getting higher level of formal education, jobs, especially while migrating to metro-cities and also from TV soaps and other media outlets. This whole package and factors can be summed up by a word which no one knows exactly but uses easily – empowerment. So I have also used now. 
  • The stringent laws of Nature (whose one manifestation is captured in bell-curve or normal distribution) will always keep number of alphas at a very short supply. This is going to cause tremendous suffering for beta and beta- males of this generation as they ride the hormonal cycle. In short, they will find women too ’empowered’, too much educated and earning more. 
  •  In every age of human history, women were gatekeepers of sex and they controlled the supply side quite artfully. A fertile woman of decent looks is irresistible for a man while he is suffering the cataract of hormonal haze. Women used their short but tremendously potent charm (note the word – this is charm, not empowered or anything,. plain charm which women are graced by nature) to redeem a man from the blind alleys of hormonal remote control squandering to the stability of family, children and building generation. This ancient and most-important art in its entirety is shadowed by the clouds of empowerment, career, earning, consumption and some hearsay life as portrayed by soaps, mostly produced and directed (and hence controlled) by men. This has repercussions.  
  • In my interviews, none of the women told me that getting a man and marrying him now is an important issue for them in short term. I was surprised. I shall be duly chastised for my surprise by empowerment gang. but I have some questions to those gangs who have sons and daughters. If your daughters do not have high priority at their most-charming period, where from they will get the men as their charm-credit diminishes rapidly as they slide another six to seven years from now. Where will men get their quality girlfriends, mates and wives ? 
  • Most men like and thrive in competing for women but not with women. No body  is going to waste money by watching a tennis match between a man and woman or a cricket / football match between an all man’s team and an all-woman’s team. But history is replete with bullet marks and knives as men fought and sometimes to death for women. If this ’empowerment scenario’ continues, men will leave the game. Demand side reduction of the dating-romance market has repercussions about which  we have no historical record. This is beta version of the problem for us. 
  • I also sensed that this generation has also been exposed to pervasive pornography. One of the effects being jaded men. Most men I interviewed / interacted seemed to be effeminate and women bolder and expressive. My sample size is too small to draw conclusion but I think this issue needs to be thought in a more rounded manner : food-cycle, chemicals in the food, effect of pornography on men and women’s desire and so on

Finally, I also felt that there is no Manual for this generation. Religion, Parental Authority, Teachers, Moral Codes, Peer-network, Role-models, Social-shaming provided some-kind of manual in a mixed form. It worked, almost. But now the situation needs Manual as many such ‘authority-factors’ are crumbling. confused, plain stupid or compromised. 

The Manual needs to address this generation from the broadest perspective and not based on culture, time, speculation, so called ‘scientific mush’ or celebrity-authority. 

The Manual for our Father’s Sons and Daughters cannot be manufactured, speculated upon or culturally synthesized. It will be useless in effect. 

The Manual needs to be a re-statement of the truths coming down to us from the bona-fide authorities. 

The current and future mode, direction and objective of relationship between young and fertile men and women are too profound, fundamental and existential to be delegated to celebrities, media, corporations and formal educational institutions. 

I shall start this Book and will collect and aggregate the instruction of bona-fide Authorities* , so help me God.


* Bona-fide Authority : One who has heard from another bona-fide authority in a disciplic succession. This chain is eternal, un-changing and absolute. If an authority cannot claim his chain of disciplic succession having these three characteristics, the authority is not bona-fide. 


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