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Life-Designer Series : QoL > Quality of Life

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This is a broad term and I shall restrict this into manageable proportion by three metrics 

  • Time spent in work (TW)
  • Time spent in leisure (TL)
  • Time spent to start work and leisure. For example, commuting to office or driving time to the pleasure resort. (TI or Time Intermediate)

Recent travels of mine in few Anglo-Saxon geographies and a lifelong stay in India make me spell two theorems

  • More populous a country is, less is the sense of passing time and less anxiety of growing old.
  • In countries where sense of passing time is high, there will be high anxiety about growing old.

Quality of Life is all about how we manage the invisible gel called Time. 

Quality of Life is not an event, it is not memory of an event, it is not hope for an event, it is not hope regarding the afterglow of the future event. 

Quality of Life is to discover, involve and master the activity which and which alone makes us feel, in all circumstances as there is no time.

The closest material experience of this state is sexual orgasm when at a price of huge biological energy and neural computational energy, time is undone momentarily. 

The search for sexual pleasure, search for orgasmic pleasure is pervert and ever-failing – Sisyphus like attempt to get Quality of Life. 


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