Life-Designer Series : NI-LS-TL factor

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Life-Designer Series : NI-LS-TL factor

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NI-LS-TL is a factor, measured in time and like some universal constants, it is a comparison metric and has secrets inside. The secret gets unraveled while proper keys are used.

NI-LSC-TL stands for No Income – Life Style Cost –  Time Limit. I have deliberately made the factor complex because it is often seen that very arcane, occult symbols type things going under the name of scientific or management theory command more respect.

For example, compare two sentences below :

‘In the event of debt becoming 70-90% of the net revenue streams combined, pressure on debt-servicing puts pressure on the other cash-flow intensive investments, leading to further spiraling cost of capital. At a certain point, the situation leads to irrecoverable bankruptcy and further access and realization of capital becomes asymptotically zero. In certain events cognitive dissonance happens and there are cases of mild to severe symptoms of neuro-cerebral seizures leading to suo moto  rigor mortis.”  

If debt is much higher than you have income, people are reluctant to lend you more or lend at much higher interest. Increased debt and increased interest combine to make a situation where there remains no chance to repay and bankruptcy sets in. This creates, in some cases anxiety to the extent that the person commits suicide.

Back to our scientific term.

This factor asks : In case of your income becoming zero (NI) today, at current cost of lifestyle (LS), how long (TL) you can stay ? 

TL = k (t) * NI / LS where k is an individual constant.

NI is also a time variable and LS is also a time variable.

Once we map all of these, the whole equation tends to become a higher order differential equation and higher order differential equations have real and complex solutions. Yes, complex solutions ! Truth is Beauty, yes, sure it is. 

What is TL for you ?

Remember : TL is the time in days / weeks / months / year you can last at your current level of lifestyle cost if your income becomes zero at a certain point 

The answer is the secret I promised in the beginning !



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