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Life-Designer Series : EL > Entropy Loss

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Discovery of the second law of thermodynamics was a profound insight into the way material nature works. The law seems to guide interaction between atoms to the formation and working of galaxies. Broadly speaking, the law tells us in which direction a material process will naturally follow.

Directivity  is what we call future when the process is time. [ No one has gone back to past automatically]

Directivity is what we call old age and death when the process is growing up.[ No one has started to become younger and then becoming an embryo]

Directivity is what we call temperature when the process is energy (/heat) transfer. [No cup of coffee has ever become hot by sucking heat from the cup and making it colder in the equal degree in the process]

Directivity is what we call greed or lust when people seek and search for more when one gets money/business/projects. 

In material process, second law of thermodynamics says that this natural direction can be reversed by spending external energy. Your refrigerator reverses the process by running a motorized pump.

Men and women spend huge money, chemicals, time and attention, if not reversing but delaying the rate of progress through cosmetic and medical interventions

Whole police and law enforcement process is in place to check (if not reversing ) the natural runaway greed and lust inherent in civilized human beings. But human beings also have higher consciousness to reverse this natural process.

True education is learning how to fight the implications of second law in the domain of living.

Loss due to entropy can be minimized by following simple practices :

1. If you have money which can take care of you for a reasonable amount of time, why push your consciousness so hard for more and more money ?

2. Why to stay at work late when you know this is not needed

3. Why buy a larger house when the current one fulfills your basic needs ?

4. Why to post something when you are hungry for likes/approvals ?

5. Why to eat delicacies when you are not hungry ?

6. Why to be restless when there is nothing to be restless about ?

7. Why to be seeking approval from people / institutions who are exactly those who care less

8. Why to better something which is beyond betterment ?

9. Why thinking to make a harem when you know how painful a relationship can be

10. Why to waste energy into things whose directive is impossible to reverse : Ageing. 

Which ones do you follow ?







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