The Autumn Hiatus

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The Autumn Hiatus

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This autumn has been a great hiatus for the blog. The season also brought high degree of travel, high energy initiatives and also some major disappointments. 

This hiatus has given some distance and wasted time is never waste of time. 

We may waste very long time, actually some 30-40 years of one’s life in having the ego-suggestion : ‘I am not having wasted time’.

In a very deeper and broader perspective, it really matters little whether the time was wasted or it was a waste of time or it was really used.  The broader perspective is nothing but contemplation of death. 

Modern man is afraid to contemplate death. He does not want to remember much, even forgets but death does not forget. There is not a single instance in the recorded history that death has ever forgotten. 

As winter approaches slowly but surely, the air is dry and somewhat lonely, the Nature is telling the trees and men as well as that time of leaving is coming.

In countries where winter sucks life out of everything literally, it needed poetic warmth to keep the spirits up : If winter comes, can spring be far behind !



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