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How to produce sustained revenue, joy and fulfillment from writing blogs ?

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I generally do not write posts like this. I distrust and squirm at the start of a post like ‘How to’. I am making an exception because of a series of intersected events today in a bank. The events happened in a duration of 5 mins.

A banker of some eight years experience, based in Calcutta in one of the largest private banks told me that she finds the environment of the bank increasingly becoming toxic and soulless.

My friend and correspondent Pradipta called me and asked me to the check the newspaper where local police had fished out two bodies – son and mother who apparently committed suicide after much deliberation and planning. Bodies were found to be bound loosely with bricks loaded in a bag in the son’s body. The son was a an electrical engineer from one of the Tier -I institutions of India, aged 30+ and worked in top IT companies. These IT companies are clustered around the same marshland where the engineer and his elderly mother chose to escape from their bodies. Authorities suspect malignant depression behind this macabre suicide.

Pradipta also informed that Prof Rao, recent Bharat-Ratna recipient and a renowned scientist  who is Chairman of the Advisory Committee on Science to the Federal Government of India, spoke on IT enterprises in two sentences with devastating consequences while contemplated in its entirety.

1. IT industry’s core objective is to make money for some people.

2. Most of the people are un-happy.

So, here is my ‘How to’ to fight this un-happiness using a medium called blog.

Axiom I : It is 10,000 times harder to earn 1/10,000th of your current revenue (/income) by writing a blog. So, linearly speaking it is                     10 million times harder to earn what you earn today from your day-job.

Axiom II : The discipline, work and commitment is a million times more than the day job you work.

Axiom III : If you start accepting Axiom I and II and work for 10,000 hours without break for your blog (which means a year and a                           quarter) while being in  your day job, your readers will be an army with you as a leader.

Niche and Choice 

Unlike your job and many things you have done in your life, nobody had ever forced you to write a blog. Hence, it has to be spontaneous. Choose some niche / theme / topic which seems natural for you and you can do this without getting tired for say 5 years minimum. Representative example : Sachin Tendulkar and cricket.


Celebrities are celebrities not because they have anything inherently to celebrate about. Most of them are so because there are worshipers who are afraid to claim the status. They fear their work and everything and hence self-certify that their lives and works are inconsequential and worthless and not worthy of documentation. The best way to rule a community, group or even a nation is to make sure that they feel that their past is non-existent or worthless. Representative example : Indian History and some mainstream British historians. Our all epics are myths ( imagination – either induced by trance or chemical effect of cannabis Indica) and in no way historical records of real events. Get out of this fear first and study your past – your own past which you know best and in details.

Method of work 

Once you start building a blog, you shall have a lover’s anxiety. Every lover maintains a dual persona. So in your day job, you shall have all the experiences but you shall secretly cherish that sometime in the evening, you shall have a distilled meet with your blog which will carry the essence of yours days events with your past and with more interconnections and crossing something broader and significant.

This will keep you more energized and you shall fleetingly feel what great writers and poets feel while they absorb experiences and transmute them.


Please understand that 99% people working in the corporate media are just people like you – generally unhappy. They write or produce something not spontaneously and under deadline and various other factors on which they have no control. So their works are uni-form, bland, sensual, automated and un-elegant. Hence, quality readers are always in the look-out for spontaneous works and blog is such and perhaps the only avenue. Unlike corporate blogs, blog of an individual is a personal product – from conception to post and this totality can never be replicated by a product made by hired people. Blog like an individual should be individualistic. Be individualistic.


There are two ways a flower can attract foraging bees. One is to have such fragrance and colour that the bees come and stay. Another way is to make friendship with some early bees and making them messengers. Your blog is a like a flower – slowly wafting and bees are the foraging people in the Internet. You shall attract the first ones and then collaborate with them to get more people you like to be your ‘guest’. The final objective of a blog is same as that of a flower : pollination. Your readers, subscribers will cross-pollinate and there will be many things born about which neither you, your readers and others have no idea. The birth of a fruit unknown to the flower and the bee who made this happen.

As more ‘bees’ forage, you shall be having access to honey, wax, secured tree-hives, direction and many such valuable information which are much valued by other people. You can either deal directly or let other businesses use your place to put their notices (advertisement). This will give you revenue and income. Please remember – these are all by-products.


Sustainability is the most unsustainable thing in the world. It is rather an impossibility. So do not waste time on it. What you need to think are three problems

  • Am I able to ride the wave and deliver those ideas/tips/trends that my readers have not even be aware of ?
  • Am I able to communicate this properly ?
  • Am I sincere in terms of being a leader and teacher ?

You shall be sustained for next thousand years minimum, if that seems adequate. Do not believe me ? Look around all great teachers of humanity and see the sustainability.

Blog to Book

After few years, you need not write a book. Your book is ready – just collate, edit and a book is ready. This will be a distilled essence of your labour and ideas that have used you and others to sediment in the form of posts and then hardened in the form of a book. This can provide you revenue as people will be always ready to pay for mid-to-high level of organized and collated information. Representative example : Google

‘Drops’ and Collaborate 

Drop greed, miracle-mongering, short-cuts and impatience. Collaborate. There are many blogs which are dying for your collaboration. Search, Lock, Engage. Rinse and Repeat.

3 years from the start……

You may or may not have left your job. You may or may not have got ‘sustainable income’. You may or may not have been able to get out of your day-job.

But….you have

  • at least 1000 people who feel that their day is incomplete without something from you
  • you can have coffee with people in many cities of the world if you go
  • you have influenced many lives and perhaps many businesses
  • you have many friends who will help you in your future projects
  • you expect to get at least $ 2000 if you ask for a donation of $ 10 where we take some 20% people will actually contribute. You may not exercise that option ever, but it is
  • If you have other skill, you have ready customers who will buy from you naturally

And last but not the least, unlike your so called celebrity who is a puffed-up, straw-stuffed and disposable human donation-box, you have achieved minor global fame. This fame is not anonymous but track able to each single person.

You have created a product that is branded even before the first word was written.

Give it a try ! If you have read till here, chances are high you have the propellant to start the journey.

Disclaimer : As a sincere, humble and truthful teacher, I have not achieved most of the by-products I mentioned and not in the scale I described. However, it is not my achievement or failure that is important for you. I have transmitted what the masters of this craft of various niches taught and demonstrated. I have just collated and repeated these. My achievement is being truthful and sincere in transmitting what the masters have taught me.

2 masterly blogs




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Fiction : The Executive’s Dream

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Mr. Samayraj is a VP of a global multinational and is a globe-trotting business executive. Other than his work, his main concern now is health – especially twin diseases : heart attack and diabetes. He had none but he is gaining weight. He is married with a son and a daughter and lives in a plush apartment in Calcutta’s Eastern suburb, a marshland some two decades back. 

He had a humble beginning. His father was a clerk in a public sector bank in a muffsil town nearby where they had an ancestral house. His grandfather was one of the early settlers and due to this the main business district of the town was within a cycle ride from his house. The house had long been sold. 

He has been a studious and intelligent boy from early age and by eighteen, he cleared one of the toughest test designed for young man in India : IIT entrance and after that he has done extremely well. In between, he picked up a MBA degree and the organization valued him a lot and compensated excellently well. He met his wife while he was in his 3rd year from the same town. She was a pretty, plump and pleasing girl of eighteen when they first met. She is more plump now and works in a multinational firm as well. 

In his last visit to London, he was delighted to see Barclay’s bi-cycle stands and used one. It was refreshing. His company was telling him to use bi-cycles to reduce carbon in the air and extra fat in the body. He liked it. In the evening one of his British colleagues invited him for a dinner and the college’s wife cooked a full dinner with all ingredients purchased from the farmer’s market. It was heavenly ! 

After few weeks, he had wanted to make a visit to his hometown – some 50 fifty km off Calcutta. He took out his shining BMW and with family went in one Sunday morning. He had vivid resemblance of the small house with a front yard and tulsi tree where his mother used to put a lighted wick every evening. There was sound of conch and a soft tring-tring of the bi-cycle announcing the arrival of his father. So long hours of cricket in the front yard… the neem tree which witnessed so many things.

They had made a tour of the place – his house is now an apartment building where no one knows anything of the past, nor interested. They all think that the last past was their past. 

His wife and children had gone to see the bridge over the Ganges and he was sitting in a small dhaba watching the highway. A bi-cycle was coming in slow pace and suddenly Samayraj saw a strikingly sharp light and the man from the cycle just stood and the cycle vanished. 

‘I am the personified Time – I have been asked to have an appointment with you. This is not illusion. This is not magic. Do not be afraid. I have come to deliver a message.’

‘What message’ – he asked and also found that even his lips are moving and sound is coming, he was still there, sitting and no body seems to be noticing neither he nor the personified time gentleman.

‘ The message is to show you the past and the future. Are you ready ?’

The words mesmerized him. He said – yes.

‘Lo – behold – there was a tring of his bi-cycle and he saw just like a 3-D movie, but it was more vivid, more rounded and he was smelling, feeling, touching everything although he was aware that he was not moving.

He found his father in a by-cycle – now flashed all the days, weeks, years and he was riding and coming. It was his routine. He found a joy-ness in the man’s face. He saw his mother watching over the window and preparing tea for him. He was carrying some vegetables in the carrier of his by-cycle. She came and took them and gave him water to wash and a cloth to wipe. She was issuing commands to the maid so that dishes pleasing to the husband may be prepared. He found the man, now checking his children and asking casually how the studies have been and drinking his tea, now offered. He asked for more sugar and the lady was quick to supply. She asked him whether he would like more biscuits. He answered in the negative. 

‘Is this a dream ?’- Samay asked.

The time man answered – ‘No – it is not. Dream is randomly strewn. This is a real event, captured in the Cosmic CC TV footage. This TV is everywhere. Within you as well.’

‘You are lying’, Samay said.

‘No, I only deal in truth’, – now behold. 

Another flash and the whole environment changed 

He found an middle-aged man returning into an apartment. He got down from a hi-speed strange looking car and was hauled to a lift which landed into a door. The door opened as if pushed by thought. An obese lady was eating something and was drinking from a bottle. There were many screens floating in the room. The man entered and the screens surrounded him. The lady remained busy in eating. He went to a box, opened a bottle and drank rapidly and reclined in the sofa. 

The watch showed time in five time zones and it was around 11 pm. 

Now the lady spoke – ‘ Did you bring the medicines for me ?’ He nodded. 

‘You are not at all responsible’-she told and then vanished into another room.

The man went to other room and found children asleep. 

‘Who is this man and who is the woman ?’

This is your son and his second wife. The footage is twenty two years from this second.

‘How do you know’, he asked.

Another flash : He found his wife and children shaking him. 

‘Are you dreaming  ?’ – you seemed to have fallen asleep.

‘Oh No, I am fine., Just dozing off.’.

Let’s get into the car quickly, I am getting late for my sunday TV show, the wife said.

A softer flash and he looked up and found an airplane rapidly crossing the horizon and then vanished. 


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Contemplating a Book : The Manual – For our Father’s sons and daughters

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Last month, I went to a small town in North East India and stayed there and in the vicinity for two weeks before returning to Calcutta Anonymous. The place provided me the opportunity to interact informally with a dozen young men and women in the age group of 19-23 years and these informal talks made me realize the following : 

  • Men of this generation in such a back-yard geography of India are going to find it increasingly difficult to court, commit and marry women of their generation. Women are setting very high standards for their mate, soul-mate, partner. They all consider themselves entitled to get alpha-males. Note the word entitled.
  • The expectation is fueled by women getting higher level of formal education, jobs, especially while migrating to metro-cities and also from TV soaps and other media outlets. This whole package and factors can be summed up by a word which no one knows exactly but uses easily – empowerment. So I have also used now. 
  • The stringent laws of Nature (whose one manifestation is captured in bell-curve or normal distribution) will always keep number of alphas at a very short supply. This is going to cause tremendous suffering for beta and beta- males of this generation as they ride the hormonal cycle. In short, they will find women too ’empowered’, too much educated and earning more. 
  •  In every age of human history, women were gatekeepers of sex and they controlled the supply side quite artfully. A fertile woman of decent looks is irresistible for a man while he is suffering the cataract of hormonal haze. Women used their short but tremendously potent charm (note the word – this is charm, not empowered or anything,. plain charm which women are graced by nature) to redeem a man from the blind alleys of hormonal remote control squandering to the stability of family, children and building generation. This ancient and most-important art in its entirety is shadowed by the clouds of empowerment, career, earning, consumption and some hearsay life as portrayed by soaps, mostly produced and directed (and hence controlled) by men. This has repercussions.  
  • In my interviews, none of the women told me that getting a man and marrying him now is an important issue for them in short term. I was surprised. I shall be duly chastised for my surprise by empowerment gang. but I have some questions to those gangs who have sons and daughters. If your daughters do not have high priority at their most-charming period, where from they will get the men as their charm-credit diminishes rapidly as they slide another six to seven years from now. Where will men get their quality girlfriends, mates and wives ? 
  • Most men like and thrive in competing for women but not with women. No body  is going to waste money by watching a tennis match between a man and woman or a cricket / football match between an all man’s team and an all-woman’s team. But history is replete with bullet marks and knives as men fought and sometimes to death for women. If this ’empowerment scenario’ continues, men will leave the game. Demand side reduction of the dating-romance market has repercussions about which  we have no historical record. This is beta version of the problem for us. 
  • I also sensed that this generation has also been exposed to pervasive pornography. One of the effects being jaded men. Most men I interviewed / interacted seemed to be effeminate and women bolder and expressive. My sample size is too small to draw conclusion but I think this issue needs to be thought in a more rounded manner : food-cycle, chemicals in the food, effect of pornography on men and women’s desire and so on

Finally, I also felt that there is no Manual for this generation. Religion, Parental Authority, Teachers, Moral Codes, Peer-network, Role-models, Social-shaming provided some-kind of manual in a mixed form. It worked, almost. But now the situation needs Manual as many such ‘authority-factors’ are crumbling. confused, plain stupid or compromised. 

The Manual needs to address this generation from the broadest perspective and not based on culture, time, speculation, so called ‘scientific mush’ or celebrity-authority. 

The Manual for our Father’s Sons and Daughters cannot be manufactured, speculated upon or culturally synthesized. It will be useless in effect. 

The Manual needs to be a re-statement of the truths coming down to us from the bona-fide authorities. 

The current and future mode, direction and objective of relationship between young and fertile men and women are too profound, fundamental and existential to be delegated to celebrities, media, corporations and formal educational institutions. 

I shall start this Book and will collect and aggregate the instruction of bona-fide Authorities* , so help me God.


* Bona-fide Authority : One who has heard from another bona-fide authority in a disciplic succession. This chain is eternal, un-changing and absolute. If an authority cannot claim his chain of disciplic succession having these three characteristics, the authority is not bona-fide. 


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An all time-hit recruitment assessment from a Bengali grandmother of of 1900

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The period of 1870 – 1920 – some five decades have been a period of great creative output and historical ferment for Greater Bengal. I have tried to tell this story in a book I wrote spanning a decade entitled An Intimate History of Bengal. The interview is re-mastered for current audience.

In a landed gentry family, the only daughter Hiranbala, aged around 14 years is to be engaged to an eligible bachelor. Two bachelors of almost equal earning, looks, family background, education were suitors. Let us call them Babu Lalmohan and Babu Jagmohan. 

The grandmother, aged around 65 years whose sons, daughters, their husbands, wives and daughters and their children’s basic details will need an excel sheet to be scrolled few times, curiously following the proceedings. 

Babu Lalmohan, a young Calcutta-College educated Babu, quite conversant in the dialogue of Romeo and Juliet in the eternal garden created by a Midland Englishman had heard about our young Bengali Juliet’s beauty. The grandmother asked through proxy as whether he knew how to ride a bi-cycle. He answered in the negative.

Babu Jagmohan was also asked the same question after basic module of questions were over. Babu Jagmoahn answered an energetic yes. 

The grandmother chose Babu Jagmohan as a more eligible and better husband material. 

While asked as what is the relationship between the skill of riding a bi-cycle and of maintaining a wife, her answer is given in italics below., HR-men and women, please make a plaque of this sentence uttered by an almost illiterate old woman in your desk and reflect on this while you assess candidates who are more or less equal.

You see, bi-cycle is a thing of curiosity. It is available everywhere. If it did not occur to a young man to learn it, it is clear that he lacks initiative. Future prospect of a person does  depend first and foremost on initiative about knowing and learning new things and new skill. This kind of a person will find out some way or other in the long run and will eventually succeed. He is responsible with regards to learning a new skill and will learn the new skill of being a husband more easily. 

Courtesy : From a story of Rajshekhar Basu alias Parashuram, one of the finest prose-writers and storytellers  of modern Bengal. 






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Life-Designer Series : QoL > Quality of Life

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This is a broad term and I shall restrict this into manageable proportion by three metrics 

  • Time spent in work (TW)
  • Time spent in leisure (TL)
  • Time spent to start work and leisure. For example, commuting to office or driving time to the pleasure resort. (TI or Time Intermediate)

Recent travels of mine in few Anglo-Saxon geographies and a lifelong stay in India make me spell two theorems

  • More populous a country is, less is the sense of passing time and less anxiety of growing old.
  • In countries where sense of passing time is high, there will be high anxiety about growing old.

Quality of Life is all about how we manage the invisible gel called Time. 

Quality of Life is not an event, it is not memory of an event, it is not hope for an event, it is not hope regarding the afterglow of the future event. 

Quality of Life is to discover, involve and master the activity which and which alone makes us feel, in all circumstances as there is no time.

The closest material experience of this state is sexual orgasm when at a price of huge biological energy and neural computational energy, time is undone momentarily. 

The search for sexual pleasure, search for orgasmic pleasure is pervert and ever-failing – Sisyphus like attempt to get Quality of Life. 


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Life-Designer Series : EL > Entropy Loss

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Discovery of the second law of thermodynamics was a profound insight into the way material nature works. The law seems to guide interaction between atoms to the formation and working of galaxies. Broadly speaking, the law tells us in which direction a material process will naturally follow.

Directivity  is what we call future when the process is time. [ No one has gone back to past automatically]

Directivity is what we call old age and death when the process is growing up.[ No one has started to become younger and then becoming an embryo]

Directivity is what we call temperature when the process is energy (/heat) transfer. [No cup of coffee has ever become hot by sucking heat from the cup and making it colder in the equal degree in the process]

Directivity is what we call greed or lust when people seek and search for more when one gets money/business/projects. 

In material process, second law of thermodynamics says that this natural direction can be reversed by spending external energy. Your refrigerator reverses the process by running a motorized pump.

Men and women spend huge money, chemicals, time and attention, if not reversing but delaying the rate of progress through cosmetic and medical interventions

Whole police and law enforcement process is in place to check (if not reversing ) the natural runaway greed and lust inherent in civilized human beings. But human beings also have higher consciousness to reverse this natural process.

True education is learning how to fight the implications of second law in the domain of living.

Loss due to entropy can be minimized by following simple practices :

1. If you have money which can take care of you for a reasonable amount of time, why push your consciousness so hard for more and more money ?

2. Why to stay at work late when you know this is not needed

3. Why buy a larger house when the current one fulfills your basic needs ?

4. Why to post something when you are hungry for likes/approvals ?

5. Why to eat delicacies when you are not hungry ?

6. Why to be restless when there is nothing to be restless about ?

7. Why to be seeking approval from people / institutions who are exactly those who care less

8. Why to better something which is beyond betterment ?

9. Why thinking to make a harem when you know how painful a relationship can be

10. Why to waste energy into things whose directive is impossible to reverse : Ageing. 

Which ones do you follow ?







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Life-Designer Series : NI-LS-TL factor

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NI-LS-TL is a factor, measured in time and like some universal constants, it is a comparison metric and has secrets inside. The secret gets unraveled while proper keys are used.

NI-LSC-TL stands for No Income – Life Style Cost –  Time Limit. I have deliberately made the factor complex because it is often seen that very arcane, occult symbols type things going under the name of scientific or management theory command more respect.

For example, compare two sentences below :

‘In the event of debt becoming 70-90% of the net revenue streams combined, pressure on debt-servicing puts pressure on the other cash-flow intensive investments, leading to further spiraling cost of capital. At a certain point, the situation leads to irrecoverable bankruptcy and further access and realization of capital becomes asymptotically zero. In certain events cognitive dissonance happens and there are cases of mild to severe symptoms of neuro-cerebral seizures leading to suo moto  rigor mortis.”  

If debt is much higher than you have income, people are reluctant to lend you more or lend at much higher interest. Increased debt and increased interest combine to make a situation where there remains no chance to repay and bankruptcy sets in. This creates, in some cases anxiety to the extent that the person commits suicide.

Back to our scientific term.

This factor asks : In case of your income becoming zero (NI) today, at current cost of lifestyle (LS), how long (TL) you can stay ? 

TL = k (t) * NI / LS where k is an individual constant.

NI is also a time variable and LS is also a time variable.

Once we map all of these, the whole equation tends to become a higher order differential equation and higher order differential equations have real and complex solutions. Yes, complex solutions ! Truth is Beauty, yes, sure it is. 

What is TL for you ?

Remember : TL is the time in days / weeks / months / year you can last at your current level of lifestyle cost if your income becomes zero at a certain point 

The answer is the secret I promised in the beginning !



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Fiction : The Intractable economics of an indian freelancer

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Chatur is a mid-level MNC manager in India and gets a net cash (post tax and after all deductions) on an average of INR 1.2 million a year ($ 20,000) which comes INR 1 lac per month. He works pretty hard that comes around 70-80 hours a week. He is a married man with a boy child aged 6 and his wife is a homemaker. He never did the calculation but his expenditure statement runs something like this :

  • Home Loan : INR 30,000 per month
  • Car Loan :   INR 5,000 per month
  • Credit Card Debt Servicing : INR 10,000 per month
  • Education fee for the child : INR 6000 per month 
  • Insurance : Medical and others : INR 8000 per month 
  • Utilities (electricity / condo maintenance / Cable TV / internet / phone ) : INR 8000 per month 
  • Domestic Help / Cook / Other labour intensive support : INR 1000 per month 
  • Car consumables (petrol, maintenance, tax, insurance) : INR 3000 per month 
  • Money left for food and other expenses : 29,000 per month 

Considering Chatur manages food and everything else within INR 20,000 a month, he has a disposable of INR 9000 left.  His disposable income is only some INR 10,000 per month. His all other expenses are either borne by other sources or by credit. He actually runs a credit of INR 40,000 which is of course some 3% of the income and is very modest. 

Conclusion : Chatur’s  most important asset is the mortgaged house and it is in use and hence trade value now is zero. He is servicing an asset which is appreciating but he is en-cashing only the use-value as he is living there. His consumption level is high and savings is as modest as his debt 3% of the income. He is living a more or less good life but has less time and lesser liquidity. 

Buddhiraj is of similar age and profile as Chatur and has a net cash of  INR 50,000 a month on an average. This is 50% less than Chatur. His expenditure is like this :  

  • Home Loan : Nil – lives in a very  basic level apartment in a city zone which goes under the label – low budget in real estate industry parlance. He was paying INR 5000 rent a month while a tenant but procured it six years back. Prices were low and being cash payment, it came with a huge discount. 
  • Car Loan :   None. Has an on-demand car. 
  • Credit Card Debt Servicing : Nil – only use for booking tickets at a cheaper price in advance and pays next day after withdrawing money from ATM. 
  • Education fee for the child : INR 3000 per month 
  • Insurance + Investment : Medical and others :  INR  15,000 per month  
  • Utilities (electricity / maintenance / Cable TV / internet / phone ) :  INR 4000 per month
  • Domestic Help / Cook / Other labour intensive support : INR 1000 per month 
  • Car consumables (petrol, maintenance, tax, insurance) : None 
  • Money left for food and living expenses  = 27,000

   Considering INR 15,000 per month as food and living, he saves INR12,000 per month cash. 

Lets see the situation after 2 years :

Chatur : Total cash savings = (INR 1,08,000 + INR 60,000) * 2 = INR 3.36 less INR 40,000 (sundry debts) = INR 3 Lac = Lifestyle Cost of 3-4 months. 

Buddhiraj : Total cash savings = (INR 15,000 + INR 12,000) = INR 6.48 Lac = Lifestyle Cost of 28 months = 2 years and 4 months. 

If today Chatur’s income gets a hit, he will be in panic as he can only survive without income for 3-4 months maximum.

If today Buddiraj’s income gets a hit, he can run at least 2 years at current level of lifestyle without any panic.

Let us consider normal circumstances where all factors are more or less same for both :

Chatur needs to work a year and half more to take a family holiday, may be in Europe for 2 weeks costing INR 5 Lac

Buddhiraj can take it right now with some INR 1.5 Lac to spare

and remember Buddhiraj’s income is 50% less than Chatur’s ! 

How is it happening ?

Truth is stranger than fiction !

All characters and calculations of this story is fictitious  Any resemblance to any living person or acquaintance of yours, including the author is purely happenstance and no further investigation will be allowed as per Federal Law guiding fiction and impact on one’s behavior from fictional characters.  


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Which freelancer you want to be ?

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The beast called change stalks us all, even while we are in the most-secured zone. A drop in one quarter earning, some technological innovation, some fancy of a new CEO, negative publicity tagged eternally by Google and others, some political decision – your earning may be effected. If you are in a job, the situation is more delicate.

One freelancer earns, say $ 3000 a month on an average. He lives quite well, choosy about things like cars, phone and accessories. He has read somewhere that people save little and he dutifully saves $ 300 a month. In a year, he saves $ 3600. He lives alone and spends on an average $ 2700 a month. He socializes a lot and is considered to be a gentle and friendly person among his ‘friend circle’. He runs some debt, minimal, credit card and some 5-10% of his monthly income. 

Another freelancer, like the other one wants to live in a separate apartment but chooses to live in a hostel which saves almost 60-70% of his accommodation cost. He also earns $ 3000 a month and saves $ 1500 per month like a fanatic. He has no general friend circle but only ‘networks of influence’. He networks with clients, fellow freelancers, DTP – artists, web-designers and as such. He drives a very old car brought almost one tenth its price, eats mostly at home, reads a lot and plans to start a consulting business. In a year, he will save $ 18,000 . He has no debt and avoids everything which he cannot pay by cash. 

Now, consider that both are not getting regular work as some of their clients have chosen some cheaper suppliers and some have their own business problems. In a November evening, while waiting for work, both take a stock of the situation.

  • The first one finds that he can only last a month while having his present level of lifestyle and cost-base. He is in panic.
  • The second one finds that he can live in his present level of lifestyle for a year if he does not get a single job for next 365 days. He has however 365 X 24 = 8760 hours to do, build, grow with anything his fancy chooses
  • The first one now need to either lower his rate or try to get a full-time job.
  • The second one can do any possible combination in these 365 days
  • The first one looks ahead with anxiety and apprehension and his ‘friends’ cannot do much about him
  • The second one causally asks his ‘sphere of influence’ and checks whether the situation is specific to him or a systemic one. He can plan now – he has a year to look forward to. 

Now, the question is which one you want to be ? 

The first freelancer forgets that economic freedom is the engine oil for all other higher-level and sophisticated engines of freedom. It is the lack of this freedom that we acquiesce to the lunacy of our boss (/ess), undue demands of our clients, taste of our readers or to the antics of our suppliers. Economic freedom for an individual can be compared to the power plug for a computer.

In 2006, while I became a freelancer after being a corporate manager for a decade, I was forced by circumstances to be the second freelancer. It was not a conscious choice. But somehow, this went into the gene. In the midst of order falling like raindrops, a part of my mind’s engine thinks of arid days and swipes the earnings immediately. I call this de-liquefaction.

Money or cash in its most-liquid form can have 3 states only : consumption, delayed consumption, change of state. 

Change of State of money is governed not by money itself but the wisdom of the individual. In case of a freelancer, it is a person. In case of the largest economic entity, it is the leaders or group of leaders, headed by a person. 

It is always a personal choice as what type of freelancer you want to be ?


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The Autumn Hiatus

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This autumn has been a great hiatus for the blog. The season also brought high degree of travel, high energy initiatives and also some major disappointments. 

This hiatus has given some distance and wasted time is never waste of time. 

We may waste very long time, actually some 30-40 years of one’s life in having the ego-suggestion : ‘I am not having wasted time’.

In a very deeper and broader perspective, it really matters little whether the time was wasted or it was a waste of time or it was really used.  The broader perspective is nothing but contemplation of death. 

Modern man is afraid to contemplate death. He does not want to remember much, even forgets but death does not forget. There is not a single instance in the recorded history that death has ever forgotten. 

As winter approaches slowly but surely, the air is dry and somewhat lonely, the Nature is telling the trees and men as well as that time of leaving is coming.

In countries where winter sucks life out of everything literally, it needed poetic warmth to keep the spirits up : If winter comes, can spring be far behind !