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Typology of Career

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  • Intense but brief : A cricketer, an athlete. A cricketer typically makes his debut at 20s, reaches peak around 25/26 and retires around 32/33. The actual period is very brief – a decade at the most.
  • Low-intensity but  longer : 99% of corporate employees
  • Low-intensity to the extent of highly boring but very long : 99% of Government employees
  • Low Intensity / Very long : Career Politicians
  • Nasty, Brutish and Short : Professional Soldiers while fighting wars
  • Nasty, Brutish and Long : Professional soldiers with injury in war
  • Intense but short : Mathematicians and Hard Sciences. No fundamental mathematical advance appears to come from people in their forties
  • Matured Intensity : Philosophers and authors, artists in some domain
  • Un-classified : Freelancers

What is your career type ? 


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A tenner defines Wordsmith Communication

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My two year old son’s sonic apparatus and linguistic capabilities are in beta testing level and hence there happens some curious events.

Once, while the two year was making some ‘noise’, his elder brother, a tenner commented 

Even my father company cannot make out what this fellow is saying.’

Father’s company here is Wordsmith Communication – a tenner as well and deals in 99% languages of the world.

Nice observation !


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Sub-prime Translation service Model

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A week back, our Bengali team received a 12,00 words translation to be reviewed. The client said that they were going to do DTP and we need to hurry. There were some 15 files and we opened them. 

What did we see ?

We found application of an innovation / idea that revolution telecom and then made banking almost at the brink of collapse. 

The process is : Sampling, Coding, Multiplexing and Adaptive Prediction. 

The Translation 

The files were a mixture of human and machine translation and machine translation poorly edited. More important, the whole 12,500 words were cut into sample sizes of 500-600 words and then the process of a) human translation of HT b)machine translation or MT c) edited machine translation EMT – applied.  The end product was a random mixture of HT packets, MT packets and EMT packets, each packet size some 500-600 words – somewhat the length of this post. 

Now, unless the translation goes through a very rigorous check, there is a fair chance that the translation may get through with no alert flag ( this probability is 1/3 or 33.3%). The reviewer may check 2 three segments and they may be HT and EMT which will not warrant any alarm. 

This ‘innovation’ will work wonder for everyone down the chain – 50-60% cost reduction, 70% reduction in turn around time and everyone is happy. 

As long as our presumption of the MT (other 33% of probability) not manifesting, the translation will go around and multiple parties can trade on them and multiple parties ‘owning’ chunks of it. 


Now suppose at some unlucky moment, a series of MT chunks (toxic translation) started surfacing in various ends and choking meaning everywhere. Now, since the packets have spread through many TMs, databases, end-translations as the case may be and the best treatment is to reject all but that also means end of the industry at that moment. The accountability also got spread and granulated and then end client needs to get a fresh translation. 

Sub-prime Housing Loan crisis was more of less like this. A box full of loans were sampled and cut into smaller pieces and then re-packed with some marker – prime, sub-prime, etc. Then these got mixed up and started to enter the financial mainstream. Things were OK as long as there was not considerable detection.

As soon as toxic chunks started to be detected, the system went into unstable mode and finally, taxpayers bailed it out.

How to bail-out the sub-prime translation ?


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Overcoming Depression

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Last week, due to weather or due to increased restlessness of my two year old son or due to some fruits I don’t know I was suffering from a mild form of depression and anxiety. I was doing my routines but somehow was not feeling well.

A relative  visited me and I confided that I was not feeling well and may be depressed. 

Pulok, a handsome businessman-singer-spiritual aspirant looked at me and told : If you remain depressed, the your writings will reflect that instead of uplifting reader’s and your mood, it will be a pall of gloom. 

The ego was targeted and the arrow reached the point.

Within next 30 mins, I felt the pall of gloom and forebodings clearing like English sky suddenly starts clearing and opens up a hope to have a glimmer of the sun. 

i dedicate the posts written today to Pulok – for hitting the ego’s ego subtly, softly but effectively.


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SNW Test by Wordsmith : Check your social networking wealth

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I have a very little presence in the social network and I am not in most of them. I feel envious of people who claim a friend network running into thousands. Are they friends or click-a-stand ? 

In 2008, we had some cash flow problem. This happened due to some clients paying later with prior intimation and some payables falling due. I sent all the freelance-colleagues  a mail, explained the situation and then sought for some grace period. 

The grace was granted and almost ten freelancers offered us some more lax payment terms till the crisis blows over. I forgot many things in thankfulness and gratitude and that was measuring the value of the gesture in not the most important aspect – monetary.

If memory serves me right, the value while calculated in 2007 dollars will be in the tune of $18,000. 

Now, run this test. Send the exact text to your social network ‘friends’ :

Since we have been friends for quite few years in this social network, I take the liberty of writing this to you. I am building a product and I have a fair chance of succeeding in the venture. I expect to start getting cash-flow from the product in next 2-3 months, I need a sum which I don’t have and I rely on your good-will and trust. I expect to pay back the money to you in next 90 days. All the details are enclosed for you to see and make your judgement. 

My paypal ID is [ make this a fresh one]

Test Result 

After a week, check your paypal balance. This balance is your social networking wealth. 

Analysing the Test Result * 

1. For any non zero amount ( $X)  run the following formula. 

   No of years in social network = y

   No of friends / connections / friends = N

   Time spent on cultivating the network / friends / per day = t  (in hours)

   Total time spent TT = t*y*365 hours

    Average time spent per friend  = TT / N 

SNW Quotient = $ X  / t * 365*y 

SNW < 1 —–> Your friends consider your worth 20 times less than an unskilled  third world worker.

SNW < 1 —–> Your friends consider your worth 20 times less than an unskilled  third world worker.

SNW =1 —-> Your friends consider your worth 10 times less than an unskilled  third world worker

SNW = 2 —> Semi skilled third world worker

SNW = 10 —> Skilled worker 

SNW = 15 —> Skilled, little better

SNW > 30 —> First world skilled worker 

* Test Designer does not take any responsibility of occurrence ofpanic-attacks while results being analysed. 


Just now do a special case : 

Consider SNW =1 for you with a year spent on friends and and 1 hour everyday. Your paypal balance should be $ 365 

If you want you to see yourself just as a barely skilled worker with minimum wage level, you need to have $ = 3650

What do you think your balance will be ? 


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8 immutable laws of freelancing

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1. There will be always more freelancers than jobs. Unless you are specialized on something like – 7-dimensional tensor analysis 

2. An employee will always prefer status-quo to excellence. Excellence is disturbing, status-quo is comforting.

3. The exchanges (where freelancers and clients meet/intermediation) will be always biased towards the clients  who provide jobs into the marketplace than those who bid for them. 

4. The best policy is to make a client addictive to your services or more subtly in you. Freelancing is art of seduction as a special case. More detailed tips and analysis here –

5. Poverty is the price of freedom. If a woman wants to be rich, better to marry a bank. Similarly, if you aspire to become rich, you are in a wrong line of work if you are freelancing. 

6. When your enemy is within the firing range of yours, so are you within enemy’s range. If you are thinking of firing a client, the client might have already fired you. 

7. Do not love a client. Love something that your client does not dare to love.

8. Nobody will remember your Herculean feat for the last project. Remember the wisdom of the wiseguy as heard from The Mafia : You are as good as your last envelope. 


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Describing your Job

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The below story was heard by me from an insider :

Somewhere in 2000, a very charismatic Indian businessman was in a party and some portly lady asked the flamboyant businessman – ‘What is your business ?’, the businessman replied : ‘I make, distribute, label, brand and market booze.’ The lady’s pupil and lips did not dilate nor change any colour.

In the same party, a professor looking man was also present and the lady asked him the same question. He replied – ‘I run an airline’. The pupil dilated immediately, lips quivered as some few quarts extra blood got pumped through the aortic artery as the heart palpitated little faster.  

The charismatic businessman decided to own an airline and changed his job description completely. First as an airline-owner, then as a gatecrasher, then a debtor, then technically a failure, then lien on the properties and finally escaped by losing a part of the booze business. 

The moral : Everyone, even the richest and the powerful need to think of describing their job – to anyone. 

A freelancer’s job description by self is the toughest job to handle. 

I spent many sleepless nights and refusing to go to any party till I hit an idea. The idea was a to make a visiting card like a small poem. 

——————————–  Job Description ——————————-

All times in IST ( GMT +5:30 hours)

0600 am : Waking Up.

06300 am : Checking communication and pacifying / intimating Japanese and Australian clients. Colleagues in Thailand, Vietnam and Indonesia alerted. Also checked the project alerts from the Americas that arrived while sun was shining there.

0700 am :  Morning walk and dropping my 9 year old son at the bus-pick up point

0730 am : Breakfast and strategic discussion with the lady of the house

0800 : Bath and worshipping my CEO – the Supreme , Primeval and the Eternal Wordsmith or the Supreme Controller of  all that is and all that be  – God.

0900: More reading and writing a blog post. Sending some marketing letters / plans

0930 : India wakes up and early risers in Central Asia and yes, China.

0930 – 1330 : Project Management activities, working on the business engine, hands dirty and tired

1330 – 1445 : Lunch, siesta, daydream and eating sweets

1500 : West Europe at desk after coffee.

1500 – 1700 : Engine work continues. Working on the book, polishing the book being written, translating, cleaning databases, cracking brain as how to convert some paying clients from the free webinar scheduled next week. Interrupted by game of cricket in the nearby park with 6-18 years.

1700 – 1800 : Wrapping up and discussion with Wordsmith Team

1800 onwards : Reading, Thinking and drinking tea.

1900 – 2000 – Wrap up with the Americas and business engine on sleep mode with 2 colleagues keeping watch in the Wordsmith Castle in search of the project-ghost.

21-2200 – Dinner, reading some philosophy –

2230 – 2330 – Writing a blog /reading some blogs

Changing Body (from the gross to subtle body – sleep)

The earth moves and I am in a cosmic plane rotating at a very high speed…..

I think my life is pretty boring in a sense.

I think I don’t feel this that intensely because I am forced by my nature of work to be alert that the planet is moving.

My day is a collection of seasons in 24 hours.


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How Freelancing can improve your health ?

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No one can define what is health.

The medical science tried  to counteract or remove the symptoms presence of which can be called as ‘not in good health‘. 

 Here are some pointers to use freelancing to improve your health :

1. Anti-obesity Like Cassius, a freelancer is lean and has got a hungry look because he thinks too much.. What does he think about ? Brightest ones think how to be prepared about the future, bright ones try to be best, average ones try to expand and grow further and the bottom layer is looking for clue and opportunities. This is more or less everywhere. Whatever category one belongs to, you cannot remain in ease and in complacence. More important : you cannot afford many delicacies that are proven ingredients to transform directly into fat. 

2. Stress-rest button Suppose you find yourself under heavy stress and this may be due to a particular project, or project manager or both. You are not liking this and stress is building up. You have a reset-button ! You just fire the project. The same thing happens to a corporate employee. What he / she can do ? If she has already been in debt and has other trappings, the reset button is there but pushing seems not resetting but collapse almost. The very notion that you have that red-pill button available and you can push this without total collapse will immediately de-stress you. 

3. Idle time In India, I have seen that managers will idle and then in the evening they will start working and will leave office at 8 pm ! I don’t know the rationale behind this. In case of a freelancer, there can be plenty of idling time. These can be put into good use like long walks, editorial walks,  disinterested reading, marketing. A freelance can liberally use this time to improve his or her health and eventually become a species which is a rarity – TRCP gentleman / lady – Time Rich Cash Poor.

4. Health related fraud schemes If you observe health advisory on a specific issue from mainstream medical system for say 20 years, you shall conclude that medical science’s opinion is more less a sinusoidal waveform. Then comes plenty of system based frauds, half-truths.lies and semantic deceptions. A freelancer is actually a system-observer. His credo is more or less like this : Work as little you can, pay Ceasar as much you must, live below your means, loyal to common decency. It means that a freelancer is most likely not to fall into all these schemes and fraud and will remain in a better health than the frantic health and fitness hunters. 

5. Flexible Routine In agricultural societies, work routine was very different than it became in industrial era. In the industrial era, 9-5 work culture was born and it is hard to believe – this is a very recent thing if we look human history for a thousand years. I went to school when I was six years old and my son case, it was 3 years for nursery entry. Routine has many good things but one immutable bad aspect : It is designed to suit everybody but it does not suit anyone perfectly. This affects mental health. A freelancer can make his routine as perfect he wishes to provided he remembers the below non-negotiable maxims 

  • Live below your means
  • Earn little money everyday
  • No debt except for business and educating oneself on something concrete and relevant
  • Cook your own food. Better still – grow some food if you have opportunity
  • Read dis-interestedly
  • Market everyday
  • Don’t get carried by big idea – it can kill you.
  • Invest a dollar in business only when  you have two dollars worth of business knocking at your door/or you hear footsteps 
  • Learn the subtle differences between education, training and schooling
  • Learn the art of dis-engagement – this will be a new post
  • Try to realize the fact that there is a Supreme Manager and Management in this Cosmic Government.

You shall be a picture of health.

6. Flaunt your wealth You have a wealth which you do not know – time. Flaunt and celebrate this. You will be amazed to know that many super-paid workers envy you. No wealth can revert the passage of time. Time lost is lost forever. Plastic surgery can change your face but you cannot do plastic surgery to the universe. You have free time – don’t be sad about it. Celebrate it. Any reinforcement of self-image helps secrete dopamin and this triggers neuro-transmitters. Dopamine and melatonine provide you a feeling of drive and energy. Do you call yourself healthy if you find very relaxed as well as energetic ? 

7. Investment  Invest on reality – not on delusions. How to know what is delusion and what is reality ? Simple test. Every reality is a grace or gift and will appears effortless at the essence. Every delusion will come in the form of complicated structures, systems, network, dependencies, uncertainties, hidden controllers. Think of stock-market. I have no idea of financial investment but I can tell you the best investment item I have seen : a coconut tree. Ten years ago, somebody gave few litres of water and in next fifteen years, the tree provides water of highest purity and most-sophisticated packaging,.

Health is not something to attain. Health is our nature. 

You need not attain it. You just be in awareness through various standard and bona-fide practices and you shall live, earn and die in health.

Final word : Please remember that this body will die one day. You are not your body.