An anniversary story from Calcutta

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An anniversary story from Calcutta

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Dhruba RC, my neighbour announced the first anniversary of – an online anthology on art and photography. 

Having some experience in building such ventures and suffering the huge confusion, I can well understand what is told in the lines and beyond the lines when Dhruba writes

When I set out to create Lucky Compiler, I hardly had the vision, background or experience to build what it has now grown to become. I can go as far as to say it would have been an ignoble feat of arrogance to pronounce that Lucky Compiler would one day in not too distant a future house interviews with and articles by some of the finest artists and photographers inhabiting the world today. And yet, a year hence I can safely say I had the privilege of chronicling first–hand, the treasured experiences & insights of some of the most gifted individuals from various strata of creative fields spanning continents.

He has very astutely observed a very interesting thing – surprise, hope and then the ‘dark well effect’ which I know too well when you find 100+ registering for a webinar ( and then 30 turning up and there is absolutely no response from the 70 as what exactly dampened their initial enthusiasm

A voluntary contribution based project with little financial backup and no expertise is only supposed to work in the realm of a reverie. But life being what it habitually is always possesses the queer capacity of taking surprising turns, and the naïve initiative turned out to be not so foolish an endeavour after all. In absolute terms I have received one positive reply out of every six approaches being made which is fair enough considering the relative infancy & obscurity of my site and the hectic schedule that any artist or photographer often find themselves in; what perplexes me however, is at times when one shows fervent enthusiasm at the beginning but is heard no more after the questionnaire is sent. This unfortunate incidence has occurred more than once and I regret that I could never trace the cause of it.

Then as he approaches the end of his anniversary speech to an audience mixed with known, strangers and Mr (or Ms) Posterity from the pale blue dot which recalls Dr. Carl Sagan and also the vastness of space and immensity of time, his tone becomes a deep monologue as well as a soliloquy and becomes holy because of its complete and utter truthfulness

Each story, each reflection, each life experience chronicled thus far is an incessant strife of improving oneself, to break through the cupola of aged cynicism, of feeling the ecstasy to hold, to see the fruit of your creative outburst; a personal journey to be better off. In its every line of text, every block of code, every anti–aliased pixel of Plantin typeface, Lucky Compiler holds evidences of my own travelogue. And this connection not only exists between myself and the journal but extends both ways to my subjects and the audience. Thus it is in this ability to make a deeply personal connection, the pinnacle of shared experiences, where my success lies; where I feel most proud about my compilation. 

It has been a great solo work from Calcutta after a long time I have heard from the general mediocrity and hustling. The English is impeccable, grave and elegant, resonated with a tender care as well as the confidence of a solo player and above all – the high gravitas.

The whole anniversary speech can be read here I highly recommend it.

Especially for those in Bengal who has the sense and sensibility to appreciate the beauty and brutal hard work hidden in the shadow of the light and shadow here

উজ্জ্বল করো দ্বীপ মায়াবী টেবিলে

Let the light be brighter in the enchanting work-bench…..



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