Frustration due to being unrecognised ? Rx

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Frustration due to being unrecognised ? Rx

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Are you frustrated for being un-recognized for excellent work done ? The immediate cause : examiner, readers, boss, customer, spouse, children ? Having a a deep heartburn ? 


Wisdom and understanding things in as broad as dimension is the lasting way to overcome this type of frustration. In all spiritual traditions, adepts are asked to contemplate on death to understand life better. Why death ? Because Death is the Termini and the singularity of Life as we know in this episode. Remember the four lines below when you remain frustrated due to being un-recognized 

go-ras gali gali phire                 / Milk of Cow needs to be taken door to door

sura baithi bikai                       / Booze gets sold anywhere 

satee-ko na mile dhoti           / A chaste woman may not have enough clothes to cover 


kasbin pehne khasa              / A whore wears the very best. 

(This verse is taken from poet and devotee Tulsidas’ Sriramcharitmanas – an Hindi trans-creation of Valmiki’s epic The Ramayana)


If you are doing an important work, it is possible that the grand-children of the current readers may regret as why you were not their contemporary in flesh and blood.

If your work is really profound and ultimately beneficial, 99% will fail to see because it is the nature of common herd to fall for something on surface. 

If your work is really important, universal and profound, you may need to wait couple of generations to be taken note.

 A poet of classical Sanskrit threw the challenge back to those who could not recognize his genius 

Nindantu Niti-nipuna jadi ba stubantu

Laksmi samabishatu gacchatu ba jhatestham

Adiya maranam asti jugantare ba

Nyajat pathath prabichalanti padang na dhira 

[ The so called clever men may condemn or worship

     The goddess of fortune comes, leaves or wealth is just enough

   The death may comes today or at the end of an aeon

      The man of realization does not leave the path of righteousness ]


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