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20 learnings from Indian IT industry

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As a translator, here are 20 things I learn from the rise and crisis of Indian IT industry.

1. Heady, cash-heavy and un-thought of success should be feared more than great failures. 

2. Do/build something which you can call absolutely your own. Say – a piece of software, a book, a video, which you can say your contribution to the world while you die. This should be something which was done by you for no client, no one else but as a contribution to the world. 

3. It is dangerous to be always surrounded by people who are too envious of you but not courageous enough to criticize you. Representative Institution in India : Mainstream Media who lionized many such IT companies but as soon as their fortune went downwards, the ‘wisdom’ of these media hordes returned.

4. Greatness is not a process, it is not some way of working, it is not some model or trick you have discovered – aided by time or something which is told to be so by important men and women. Greatness is a state of your consciousness.

5. There is a fundamental difference between manpower and talent.  Indian IT companies have 1,00.000 + manpower. But how much is talent-power ? As in military, so in business. A talented individual is worth an Army. And an ‘army of manpower’ will disperse at the first call for real talent. Talent = A work which is sanctioned by your consciousness. 

6. Business is always risky and ruthless The ruthlessness cannot be hidden forever  by ESOP, green campuses, factory shaped office-objects, shiny women and other shiny accessories and effeminate men. The façade is very fragile and be always in the look-out for crevices and things under the carpet. 

7. The tyranny of the underdog or slumdog. This is the worst tyranny because it does all nonsense and while asked for the incompetencies it always puts its slumdog status as an alibi.

Why did you not make any intellectual product or service like your clients ?

Poor Infrastructure, corruption, colonial hang-over, poverty.. But I hear you have $ 1 billion in the bank… You could have at least tried…. 

8. If something is going smooth, you are most likely in a lane that will become increasingly narrow.

9. If your idea needs support from heaven and hell and nether worlds, go for it. Do not be prisoner of any country, nationality or skin-colour. Our body is coming from an ovarian lottery on which we had no control. 

10. Read history. Especially early history of any industry. You will come to know the pioneers and the risk they have taken and the tradition that flowed thereof. Then you shall understand things better – you shall not resent why some people are better in some areas. If you logically follow, you shall discover the area where you are naturally better. You need not work hard for it. 

11. Businesses, especially big businesses have all the incentives to keep you away from the truth. Truth does not respect any corporation, person, government, faith, belief or assumptions. Truth is truth and one reaches truth only by dealing in it. Be curious to know what is behind all this shine and glamour. 

12. Indian IT industry, in its degenerate state (which has set in for all practical purposes)  can be modelled by three entities – Kaliyuga Corporation, Vulture Brothers Incorporated and Fagin Solutions. The last is your IT company which tries to maximize profit by leading clients, employees, investors and everyone away from the fact. Vulture Brothers are looking for all kind of issues and problems to feed on – media and other institutions which feed on the labour of others. Kaliyuga Corporations are the large clients which complete the triad. One needs to cultivate the art of  detecting – ‘Something rotten in the streets of Denmark’

13. Those who live by the sword die by the sword. The rapid growth of IT needed massive foot soldiers and officers just like a war makes boys into men. So many boys became managers but have nothing better management skill then looking for a better ‘manager’ job or hop. These people considered the push of time as their talent-propellent, The time is working in reverse now and talent propellent is very low. Those in their 40s will have very dark days ahead. Ask yourself – are you getting what you are getting because of favourable time or really because of your talent ? The answer does not matter. What matters is honest questioning,

14. If you have not built walled gardens in a vast steppe, you have a high chance of getting lost during night and might need to take shelter in those walled gardens paying monopoly rent. Indian IT companies have not built much to be consumed in the domestic market. Now, Google and others are putting things into cloud and will push the levers of Indian business. Automation will not need so man-power. In a classic act of history, Indian IT companies will need IBM/Google to reach Indian market. Just like Indian cotton once needed Manchester to reach Indian shops till swadeshis started burning them. But this time, there is no Colonial Government to blame – it is our own folly. 

15. Men and women are specialized by Nature under the superintendence of Lord to perform certain activities. Since IT industry needed manpower to sustain the growth and no actual specialization – most men are becoming effeminate and most women are becoming neurotic. You cannot be happy working against the Lord’s will. 

16. There are plenty of people, posts, channels to confuse and dis-orient you. There is another class of men who are change worshippers. Change is an impersonal thing and one cannot be satisfied by worshipping change. We need something unchanging in the sea of change and that unchanging entity is the Supreme Lord. Without faith in the Lord, you will be kicked by the change worshippers and in turn they will be also kicked. 

17. The eternal cycle of manifestation, growing into maturity, malfunction and un-manifestation cannot be overcome by any one. There is no point fretting over these things. 

18. People who spend most of their career under a large protective umbrella like Government, Large Corporation, Easy money, good in inheritance generally get conditioned into believing that the world was created for supplying their fancies and order. They suffer from a complex where they seldom feel thankfulness or say grace. They demand more and insist on this demand, however irrational.

19. The price of liberty is eternal vigilance and also relative poverty. You cannot be an EMI-slave and demand a creative life. 

20. IT industry is passing through two recessions – one permanent and this is irreversible. The second one is temporary and this one can be overcome if we do not commit the folly of not admitting the permanent one. 


Courtesy : In my search for getting a historical as well as riveting perspective of Indian IT industry, my apprehensions proved to be true, Too much manpower but too little talent. In the whole steppe, I finally found a  lone commentary from Mr. Alok Kumar and I acknowledge many facts which I have borrowed from him. Read his blog like I did – all posts in the form of hard reading. I recommend it highly. His blog is Future Tense.


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Free Webinar on Blogging as a competitive differentiator at Wordsmith University

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Wordsmith University announces a free webinar on Blogging as a means for extra income at the least and minor world fame at the best for a freelance translator or any freelancer.

Course Details and Registration here. On first come first serve basis. 


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An anniversary story from Calcutta

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Dhruba RC, my neighbour announced the first anniversary of – an online anthology on art and photography. 

Having some experience in building such ventures and suffering the huge confusion, I can well understand what is told in the lines and beyond the lines when Dhruba writes

When I set out to create Lucky Compiler, I hardly had the vision, background or experience to build what it has now grown to become. I can go as far as to say it would have been an ignoble feat of arrogance to pronounce that Lucky Compiler would one day in not too distant a future house interviews with and articles by some of the finest artists and photographers inhabiting the world today. And yet, a year hence I can safely say I had the privilege of chronicling first–hand, the treasured experiences & insights of some of the most gifted individuals from various strata of creative fields spanning continents.

He has very astutely observed a very interesting thing – surprise, hope and then the ‘dark well effect’ which I know too well when you find 100+ registering for a webinar ( and then 30 turning up and there is absolutely no response from the 70 as what exactly dampened their initial enthusiasm

A voluntary contribution based project with little financial backup and no expertise is only supposed to work in the realm of a reverie. But life being what it habitually is always possesses the queer capacity of taking surprising turns, and the naïve initiative turned out to be not so foolish an endeavour after all. In absolute terms I have received one positive reply out of every six approaches being made which is fair enough considering the relative infancy & obscurity of my site and the hectic schedule that any artist or photographer often find themselves in; what perplexes me however, is at times when one shows fervent enthusiasm at the beginning but is heard no more after the questionnaire is sent. This unfortunate incidence has occurred more than once and I regret that I could never trace the cause of it.

Then as he approaches the end of his anniversary speech to an audience mixed with known, strangers and Mr (or Ms) Posterity from the pale blue dot which recalls Dr. Carl Sagan and also the vastness of space and immensity of time, his tone becomes a deep monologue as well as a soliloquy and becomes holy because of its complete and utter truthfulness

Each story, each reflection, each life experience chronicled thus far is an incessant strife of improving oneself, to break through the cupola of aged cynicism, of feeling the ecstasy to hold, to see the fruit of your creative outburst; a personal journey to be better off. In its every line of text, every block of code, every anti–aliased pixel of Plantin typeface, Lucky Compiler holds evidences of my own travelogue. And this connection not only exists between myself and the journal but extends both ways to my subjects and the audience. Thus it is in this ability to make a deeply personal connection, the pinnacle of shared experiences, where my success lies; where I feel most proud about my compilation. 

It has been a great solo work from Calcutta after a long time I have heard from the general mediocrity and hustling. The English is impeccable, grave and elegant, resonated with a tender care as well as the confidence of a solo player and above all – the high gravitas.

The whole anniversary speech can be read here I highly recommend it.

Especially for those in Bengal who has the sense and sensibility to appreciate the beauty and brutal hard work hidden in the shadow of the light and shadow here

উজ্জ্বল করো দ্বীপ মায়াবী টেবিলে

Let the light be brighter in the enchanting work-bench…..



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Indian Economics 100 : Dr. Aggarwal

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Dr. Aggarwal is owner of a small business and he was conferred a Doctorate by me under the powers vested upon me as the Founder of Wordsmith University – I asked Dr. Aggarwal – My dear Sir, can you kindly explain as why Rupee is weakening so much against dollar ? 

He not only understood the question but also the level of the student – without this trait, one becomes a joker instead of a professor. Here is what he said over a chalu-chai 

1. Starting from the Finance Minister to the recent BPO employee, everybody thinks that Columbus discovered America to create dollars out of thin air and to be sent to India.

2. The above thinking is not bad – it is a hope and every one is entitled to hope. The problem appeared when dollar was considered an entitlement and was not restricted to the simple hope of it. 

3. After some time, those who were closer to ‘dollar’ , thought by association that they are passable dollarians and their lifestyle reflected that. Their roti-kapra-mokan-bahan – the quad of Indian Dollarians’ existence demanded things which needed more dollars.  These things included white goods, designer clothes, designer furnitures and so on. 

4. Some top Indian Businessmen, especially from the bania class also started behaving like passable dollarians. They started making houses, getting to hobbies which were considered ‘firingi idiotics‘ by their previous generation – the patriarch who founded the business. The Dollarians became true lover – they not only tried to acquire their love, they became one with their love, except in colour of skin, accent, toilet and driving habit. 

5. Earlier, business in India was considered a very serious affair and most spending were vetoed against. Dollarians considered business as a lifestyle statement, a glamour business and they glamorized cost. Now, India was never a glamorous place except a small strip of the overgrown fishing village called Mumbai and glamour needed more dollars.

6. The greatest way to pass the pass-ability test was to   ratify it and dollar /pound based education was in high demand even though these came with heavy debt and that too in dollar. As more Dollarians became ratified, there were not enough jobs to re compensate them to service their debt + lifestyle and more dollars were needed. 

7. Dollar earners – a considerable proportion of them being dollarians found competition from other passables of other places and competition stiffened. Most important – the central citadel of dollar creation went into trouble and every dollar coming out of the machine needed extra oil now. This oil is higher interest rate and the dollarians were asked to pay for it.

8. Dollarians got trapped into the lecture of global, global corporation etc and thought that they have earned their pass-ability. But business is after all a ruthless affair. 

9. Government : Governing India is no easy thing. India is governed in last thousand years by Mughals, British and now natives. Considering global administrative capability, British is said to be have considerable experience and competence. However, Governing India is no easy thing. Democracy is making it operationally more difficult. This Government also went into oscillation. In 1960s – any Indian with slightest dollarian sentiment was called a CIA spy and by 1998, diaspora dollarians were feted as great achievers and noble benefactors. Nirad C Chaudhuri would have said like this : ‘ the cunning and shamelessness of the native government for easy money and the opportunism and greed-fuelled stupid hope of the dispora are so evenly matched’

10. The future is uncertain to say the least. However, if you have no debt, no pass ability test to pass, no lifestyle statement to make and accept to be a third world citizen with more time to eat and contemplate, you shall survive, thrive and minimize suffering.

Aapko Hajaro Dollaro ki Dhanyabad ! 


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Forced to Freelancing

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For last seven years, I have more professional interactions with freelancers than any other professional class. Yesterday, me and my friend Gobinda Roy had spent a day while Calcutta skies rained in abundance and we talked of scarcity – of jobs, of projects as economic bad news poured in. The best lacks conviction and worst jumping in passionate intensity. Those who know are not speaking because they know the depth and fools and rascals speaking nonsense, which is anyway their birth-right and almost immutable property. 

I hear that there will be 1.7 million engineering graduates in India this year and around 0.3 million management graduates. It appears that the current job market will not be able to absorb them. A majority will be underemployed, un-employed or will do something that only future knows. 

We can argue with some confidence that some of these young men and women will consider becoming a freelancer and will wait for better time. 

I was asking my friend as if in this dark evening, some ectoplasm of a young man of 22 appears and ask us – ‘I would like to be a freelancer. What is your advice ?’

I searched and here is a post – Ten Commandments for a Freelancer  (

1. All the seminal and enduring works of Civilization are done either by formal freelancers or those who think like Freelancers.

2. You have not become a Freelancer only for earning the daily bread.

3. You have announced an open and honest war to achieve greatness by not being under an umbrella going under the names of corporate job, government bureaucracy, pen-pushing and escapism.

4. You are the Judge, Jury and Executioner of the Job.

5. Being a freeman (or woman), you need to be very serious in choosing your spouse and association

6. Dont be under debt. Ancient Rome, British Empire, Contemporary America all have been witness to the ruinous effect of Debt. In case of debt, only take debt for house, business and education (not the parchment but which enriches)

7.  Read, Discuss and Share. You are not bound by any law other than the natural law of the land, common decency and the Lord’s Call.

8. Dont work for so called success. That is for third class worker. Work for the success of your clients.

9.  Respect Freedom of others.

10. Use the sublime autonomy you have to leave some works done solely for others or without any self-gain


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Recession – Classified

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There are 3 types of recession and every recession can be classified into these categories

1. Permanent This type of recession is embedded and manifests sooner or later. Actually all growth is a recession in a sense because there are self-limiting parameters which will suppress any growth. In Nature, there is no divergent growth. There are exponential growth but first law of thermodynamics ensures that a part of the cause will have a negative feedback into the cause itself. This prevents any system running at 100% efficiency. If we look deeper, we find that what we call ‘growth of our body’ from babyhood to old age is nothing but a recession culminating into a singularity – death. 

2. Temporary This kind of recession appears in cycles and there are epi-cycles. These can be triggered by various factors and be rest assured – none knows the complete picture including think-tanks and highly paid experts. One of the advantages of speaking and being paid for such themes is that none can objectively challenge anything because of the vastness and utter complexity of it. You shall also smell a rotting smell of ‘impersonal-ism’ into such explanations and discussions. 

3. Internal – This is the recession type which is beyond the scope and competence of 99.99% of recession experts, economists, think-tanks and such experts. This is the subtlest type but controls the other two. Internal recession, on individual plane can be completely independent of the other two. For example, in the heady days of 2000-2006, a close friend of mine was scared because he was finding ‘disconnect’ everywhere and this pre-science made him scared and apprehensive of things to come. He was living a recession in one of the ‘shining’ phase. Another friend of mine was jubilant as he was figuring how to exploit the downturn in Indian economy and he is living a boom time while we in India are officially having a bad economic phase.

The greatest damage of the recession is not economic. It is psychic where a person finds crushed by a sense of impersonal and blind force. There are shadows and whispers, people and powerful people but no one seems accountable for anything. The whole edifice seems to crumble and a void appears – the void of impersonal auto-piloting.

I shall quote one mantras from Vedic Literature – India’s eternal wealth transcendental to all recession and explains, at the most fundamental level why recession appears and why there cannot be any solution on the same platform :  

 daivi hy esa guna-mayi / mama maya duratyaya 

mam eva ye prapadyante /mayam etam taranti te

This divine energy of Mine, consisting of the three modes of material nature, is difficult to overcome. But those who have surrendered unto Me can easily cross beyond it.

[The Bhagavad Gita As it Is by Srila Prabhupada –]

This tells why we cannot completely overcome recession of any type on the same platform these are manifested. 



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Wordsmith Book of Business’s 4th Anniversary

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Wordsmith Book of Business – my first book on business was written as a diary. It was more like a serialised event log and later it got threaded into a 53 page word-book. In hindsight, it appears towordsmith be a business auto-biography.


Wordsmith Book of Business, 2009


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Frustration due to being unrecognised ? Rx

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Are you frustrated for being un-recognized for excellent work done ? The immediate cause : examiner, readers, boss, customer, spouse, children ? Having a a deep heartburn ? 


Wisdom and understanding things in as broad as dimension is the lasting way to overcome this type of frustration. In all spiritual traditions, adepts are asked to contemplate on death to understand life better. Why death ? Because Death is the Termini and the singularity of Life as we know in this episode. Remember the four lines below when you remain frustrated due to being un-recognized 

go-ras gali gali phire                 / Milk of Cow needs to be taken door to door

sura baithi bikai                       / Booze gets sold anywhere 

satee-ko na mile dhoti           / A chaste woman may not have enough clothes to cover 


kasbin pehne khasa              / A whore wears the very best. 

(This verse is taken from poet and devotee Tulsidas’ Sriramcharitmanas – an Hindi trans-creation of Valmiki’s epic The Ramayana)


If you are doing an important work, it is possible that the grand-children of the current readers may regret as why you were not their contemporary in flesh and blood.

If your work is really profound and ultimately beneficial, 99% will fail to see because it is the nature of common herd to fall for something on surface. 

If your work is really important, universal and profound, you may need to wait couple of generations to be taken note.

 A poet of classical Sanskrit threw the challenge back to those who could not recognize his genius 

Nindantu Niti-nipuna jadi ba stubantu

Laksmi samabishatu gacchatu ba jhatestham

Adiya maranam asti jugantare ba

Nyajat pathath prabichalanti padang na dhira 

[ The so called clever men may condemn or worship

     The goddess of fortune comes, leaves or wealth is just enough

   The death may comes today or at the end of an aeon

      The man of realization does not leave the path of righteousness ]


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The Thermodynamic Challenge for current Indian IT industry

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Indian IT industry like yoga touches directly or indirectly quite a significant proportion of mankind. Hence it is befitting that we discuss this challenge here – in plain English and not in corporate speak which you can find in million other places. The word thermodynamic connotes the first 3 laws of thermodynamics. The first law says, you cannot win, second law says, you cannot stop and the third says, you cannot leave the game. 

The problems Indian IT industry or more precisely Indian top IT companies  are facing now can be summarized in plain-speak is like this :

1. No intellectual property based product / branded service / not a single application which everyone knows by name (for example : skype).

2. The linear relationship between number of people inside the factory (read office if 20,000 people inside a min-township is called office)  and profit (now and of future) is not reliable. Now, do you understand why IBM is speaking non-linear growth ? 

3. For non-linear growth, one needs money, time, leader, planning and especially – not surrendered to classic alibis like colonial exploitation, poor country, corrupt politicians etc. I do not understand whether Linux was developed by someone having 1 billion dollars, a sum I think Infosys has in the bank ! 

4. The cost of employee is increasing and there is a bloated middle management and now mechanism is to be manufactured so that cost of the middle management and revenue can be mapped. I am no mathematician but I do not think this problem is not any easier than providing a proof of Fermat’s last theorem. I have an elegant solution for this but I have lost the postcard on which I actually did that ! Believe me.  If you are a middle manager in an Indian top tier IT company and aged 40+ years, you shall hear the proof and its pronouncements shortly with just my tone – believe and good faith. The outcome is same : monthly ATM top-up in threat or stopped. 

5. This point is very delicate and I am almost violating the client-attorney privilege which can only be violated under command from a Federal Court. I shall still take the risk. If I see a young civil engineer passionately planning to change the course of a river completely and in opposite direction, if I am his well-wisher, I shall remind him – ‘My dear boy, just like the testosterone once mixed in your blood will find its release, similarly the course has been charted and don’t make a fool of yourself.’

Now, I hear various processes, plans and ambitious speeches coming from leaders to ‘reinvent’ and become like those competitors who appear to have discovered non-linear growth, intellectual products and many desirable things for the transaction-artists and linear-all-clear team. 

Let me become less diplomatic :

1. These competitor companies are pre-dominantly, decisively and actually founded built and  run by white men of European origin. White men may have many vices and might have committed many heinous crimes, but in the IT domain from conception to the intellectual modelling to risking capital and reputation have been pre-dominantly a Euro-white enterprise. 

2. The ‘intellectual products’ which we are too eager to have took at least fifty years to develop and finest brains of the above region worked on it. It wiped off many fortunes and many early pioneers lived on baked beans. For last thirty years, we have very shrewdly used our advantages and for that those men had given us liberal praise in words and most important – through their purse. We may have done many excellent things in this area, no doubt but intellectual product or intellectual distilled essence is not one of them. 

3. Then at the risk of being unpatriotic and a heartless man, may I ask : Can we ever have those ‘intellectual products / rights’ , ‘non-linear growth’ etc  for our companies ? Please note the word – ever. 

 I think it is not possible and if history is of any guide, it will never be possible if two conditions remain same :

1. Indian companies remain in India and do not get acquired – either through business route or through non-business route (annexation / invasion / usurpation) 

2. If a new law is discovered that violates second law of thermodynamics which essentially says that naturally a river will come down from mountain and will go to the sea and not the other way around, 

Just to show that I am not a heart-less man, I am giving you the domain where all these ‘desirables;’ we have not only achieved but we have virtually no competitor. I shall provide only 4 four line case studies (being a freelancer and not a corporate man, I cannot waste 30 pages and 300 hours to  study a Case Study so that I can be asked by a 100% risk free tenured professor in a I-prefixed tax-payer funded MBA class as where the company did not manage risk properly. It is almost same for a bald man to say what a great battle he fought for the ivory handled damask comb) 

1. Art of Living : In 1980s, somewhat a contemporary of Infosys- a man popularized a proprietary breathing technique called Sudarshan Kriya and went global. Thirty years from now, there is nil or very little competition on the ‘product’ front or the intellectual property rights fee, (course fee sought and received)

2. Dynamic Meditation : A Pune based Professor discovered a new meditation technique for modern man and Pune became a flood of foreigners who spent a fortune to get a feel of the ‘product’.

3. Hare Krishna : A Bengali scholar went to New York – with only his books and lifelong training and launched  Hare Krishna movement single-handedly and the products and intellectual properties created are of such immense magnitude that the Publication Wing became one of the largest books publishers and distributors of the world (then BBT)

4. Applied Vedanta : More than hundred years back, a young man went with an idea and created one of the lasting service Institutions of India and world – Swami Vivekannada and Ramkrishna Mission. The Mission is in existence for more than hundred years and appears to be ready easily for another hundred. 

Conclusion :

It is quite apparent from all of the above and it is this : You cannot control your true nature. Rather, your true nature shapes your destiny. Imitation is useless and dangerous. An Indian company in search of so-called ‘innovation’, .non-linear growth may become passable-American but will remain what it is – passable and that is exactly what is happening. The crisis cannot be averted by more assiduous work on ‘optimization’ (i.e.  how more passable we become).

 Current crisis and a profound  challenge in the Indian IT industry is not only a matter of reflection but also of deep contemplation and self-analysis, uncontaminated by too much concern for the present or for the present loss. 

For some 40+s of these Indian IT companies, the future, materially speaking is not rosy or comfortable but intellectually and spiritually speaking – a great moment. 

This moment is very rare and many generations miss it simply because of not being in the cusp.

I, and my generation is in that cusp and that is unfolding in all its glory and horrr in next 2-3 years. 




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Classical and Classic Tips on seeking projects

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Last May, I met few young freelancers in New York who convinced me that a freelancer should shut himself in a  room for a week and read all the classical literature on Courtship, Gaming, Dating and should read the bio-graphies of Richard Burton, Casanova and such great players of history. 

Let us see the Art and Science of Dating in its various stages :

1. Scanning 

>> As a freelancer you need to scan your environment and find out your level and client’s level. In a scale of 10, if you are at 5 and a client is at 8, you will be overlooked. Similarly, if you are at level 8 and target a client at level 5, you will be overlooked. Scanning is the process to have a short-list of prospects having same or marginally higher score than your level.

2. Targeting 

>> You now have a list and ready for  target practice. What is the objective ? The objective is to penetrate the citadel  of a business – its revenue. In targeting process, you are getting prepared to make sure that the playing field is levelled and chance of failure is as optimized as can be. Please remember – you have limited time for everything. 

3. Stalking 

>> Your targets are not static. They are also moving up and down and hence you need to stalk them – observe their movements. See what they are saying and also what their suppliers saying. Read the blogs of people working inside the organization. Use camouflage  to know in detail. Think of the images of the cheetah stalking a deer in African forest as you have seen hundred times in NG or Discovery Channel. 

4. Approach 

>> The approach does not happen – in dating as well as in business is due to fear, sloth and laziness. Approaching is like a collision and the more accidental the collision looks like, the better ( think of 1960s bollywood movies where the hero relies on collision for approach). Approaching can be done on multiple channels and multiple levels but approach there must be. Seth Godin has advised us to make the permission to seek approach an approach itself. Like – ‘Can you spare a second to tell whether you can  have a minute for me ?. However, this will work only when levels are almost equal. Otherwise, permission is not granted at all. 

Sometimes,. poor approaches can be somewhat compensated by access. Read below.

5. Access 

>> Have you observed uneven matches in dating, courtship and marriage markets ? It happens all the time. You may have an approach of 9 but you may fail to approach even a 8 ? Why ? Because, Life is unfair. This unfairness of life works against when you are upping the scale and works for you when you reach a level. Nature works this way to make sure that the very best reach up. In business also, you shall see sloppy freelancers getting high-grade clients. This is due to access. 

Some access are in-born (like being born in a certain ovary which we shall call ovarian lottery) but some can be cultivated. I shall write a new book on this. 

5. Escalation 

>> Many relationships wilt like flower in a vase in a lonely room because the parties do not escalate. Escalation is nothing but giving a purpose and direction to what has  happened so far.  The purpose can be first project, first kiss, first lay. Whatever. But escalation must be there. One classic escalation line  for a freelancer : ‘I have got the capacity to handle some 10,000 words a day. Please feel free to bid for such projects’

How will you make this claim real ? This is by pipe lining. 

6. Pipe-lining

>> Large Corporations handle many complex projects and also deal with many uncertainties. So instead of allocating resources, they create a ‘hope-will-assemble-in-time’ pipelines. You need to keep such resources and colleague ready. For example, if you are in a city and find a girl who is ready to go with you for a night, your pipelining is a nice hotel room in a short distance from where you are. If the hotel is not there, she may change her mind. If the hotel is far away, her mind may change en-route. Your pipe-lines are reliable and excellent colleagues who shall be the pipeline. If you have 4 colleagues, then 10,000 words per day for 3 days is not something very great. But the effect on the client will be something very different. 

7. Arranging Logistics 

>> What is Logistics ? Logistics to me means very important and critical things which are not my specialization. For example, I may need an AC room but how AC works to know is not my business. I rely on other people for that. Better logistics preparation implies planning and free time. This is achieved by setting aside some money and time as you move up the ladder. From each scan —> success cycle and the money thereof, you need to save some to improve your logistics – be it software or hardware, your travel, your hobbies, your books or simply to have a nice time. 

8. Event Success !!!  

>> Now, success – you have your first kiss or first project or whatever.  What next ?

Like all great military generals or players, you should immediately think in two lines 

a. What did I learn from this and where I did go wrong ?

b. How can I apply these in the next approach ?

c. Did I approach a level higher now or remain in the same level ? 

The last point is the most-crucial – self-realization and that is what you have worked for so hard for so long.