The perils of automatized sales communication

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The perils of automatized sales communication

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Automation saves times, reaches more, needs less focus, saves cost, does not have any fear, does not become frustrated in being rejected and knows no boredom.

It seems so alluring and so wonderful.

Except a small problem.

In Sales communication, in this world of incessant calls for selling, people are already bored.

Email – one of the finest tools of our time becomes spam.

TV advertisement – once a wonder and matter of curiosity now needs to be shut-off to allure people for No Break Programming.

Social Network – once a great delight and wonder now becoming a too much noisy channel where things are not getting heard.

 3 sentences of advice to all the buyers of automatized sales communication 

1. Life is not easy. Sales is less easier. 

2. The silence after a massive, global and billion scale automatizes sales campaign may be very strange and deadly for your business. 

Think !


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