Ignorance, Illusion, Knowledge, Scientific Knowledge, Ne-science

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Ignorance, Illusion, Knowledge, Scientific Knowledge, Ne-science

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Ignorance : The purest state of existence. Lower animals and small children. Consciousness is not fully developed. Completely unaware of many significant things and complete inability to see anything beyond the passing moment. Not capable of constructing chain of events of knowing the chain of action-reaction.

Illusion : Consciousness is not steady. One it seems like a snake and next moment it seems like a rope. Illusion can remain for million of years but it needs a single moment to dispel. Illusion’s Sanskrit equivalent is maya – what is not. It appears but it is not as it appears. The greatest of illusion : We are the body. In Illusion, once cannot think anything except body (gross and subtle) and its extensions and interactions. Why is this an illusion ? Because the body is constantly changing and so is the world. It will un-manifest one day (death). Still, we think we are this body only.

Knowledge : Two types – ascending and descending. In first type, once gets knowledge from authority. In the second,. one experiments and finds out. For certain questions, second type is useless. Who is my father ? Who is this Universe’s father ? These questions cannot be answered by the second method. Even it were so, one cannot be sure because the cause has happened before the ‘effect’ is asking. The first method’s weakness is approaching false authorities. Perfect knowledge can come from the Perfect Authority. In Vedic Literature, God is called Uttama-sloka – He speaks the Perfect Words and the Supreme Wordsmith and the Supreme Authority.

Scientific Knowledge : Scientific Knowledge – Observation, Hypothesis or Theory, Demonstration. Any knowledge that cannot be demonstrated some way or other is not scientific knowledge. Let’s ask : Where did life come from ?

Observation : Living beings seem to be everywhere we look around.

Hypothesis : Life has come from some chance combination of matter very very long time ago.

Demonstration : Not a single living being was ever made by any scientist from pure matter.

The above theory is incomplete, incorrect and not scientific.

Observation : I have a father, my father had a father and in this chain, there must be someone who might have fathered the first being. This Person must be a living one.

Demonstration : No report ever by any living being that he / she has come out from some dead stone. Nor have we observed any time by any one finding a living being coming out from dead matter. However, anyone can see that man and woman live together and in few years, they have more living beings who are in the image of their parents.

Ne-Science Ne-science is much more dangerous and stickier than ignorance or illusion. Some examples of ne-science

a. We human beings seems to be only living being as other places seem to be not capable of sustaining Life.

–> This tiny brain concludes from a very very weak  premise. He presumes life is sustained by matter by life, he only means life as he knows it in the earth. In the same breath, he informs you that there are  billions of galaxies and our knowledge is like a drop of water compared to the ocean.

b. Studies like anthropology, zoology, animal behaviour, most liberal-arts studies, social sciences and then generalizing the findings universally.

—> Small children like to go to zoo to watch animals. However, if an adult also continues the same and argues if chastised about the behaviour, we shall conclude that the person has serious dysfunctional issues. A recent addition is genetic studies. If a chimp and human being has 99.9% genetic similarities, then the argument goes that we are like chimps. Hence study of chimp’s sex lives will be useful to understand and condone our sex lives. By that same logic, in the atomic level, a 8086 processor and a supercomputer – both have silicon. So why not study 8086 and bother studying and using supercomputer ?

c. Common-Sense Challenged : We shall go to the moon, to other planets and increase our knowledge.

—>  All our space exploration can be considered of fulfilling few men’s curiosity at the immense cost of men’s physical and intellectual labour and money. What did we get other than ego-boost and bringing some rocks and dust ?

What are you thinking ?

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