How Freelancing can improve your spousic relationship ?

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How Freelancing can improve your spousic relationship ?

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There is no word called spousic – so I invented it now. The word means any relationship between consenting adults who live together – married, live-in, co-habitation, contractual, experimental – choose your like. The Post’s focus is not on the type of relationship but how true freelancing can improve all the relationships. I think this is universal. I can only vouchsafe for a particular kind of relationship personally – heterosexual, monogamous, married – legally and as per the rituals of Vedic Culture, with children. But like a scientific theorem, the theorem holds true generally as well as in special cases.

1. No debt  : Banks are not very keen to advance huge amount to a freelancer for housing, car, study or for anything. A true freelancer very shrewdly lives below his means and knows the wisdom that banks are good slaves but bad masters. No debt immediately relieves a freelancer from pursuing life-styles considered upwardly mobile. He / She transcends the ocean of misery that befall people in our age when spousic relationship breaks or remains tense but co-borrower, co-lateral clauses remain. No debt life (and by implication – a different and disciplined kind of life ) keep both the parties in their feet. The focus now shifts to a kind of creative survival struggle and nothing bonds two persons other than some mission threatening physical well being. In this case, starvation or ejection from the rental flat or the habitation in a less-posh flat acquired after three years of back-breaking work. I think Americans call this kind of work – eating only baked beans.

2. Survival and Growth Anxiety : A true freelancer suffers all the suffering a man of business is heir to, including corporate employee but there is a change of consciousness. Outwardly, they seem same just like a cat catches its prey as well as very small kittens by teeth. For an average corporate wage earner, the auto-pilot is unknown and will never be known. He is like a passenger in a Jumbo Jet where cockpit controllers will remain total stranger to him – almost whole of his career. He can only change planes. A true freelancer is more like a Greek athlete – he can swim now, take a cycle, run, jump over hurdles, rest a while – but all the time in control in terms of mode of travel, intent, destination and balancing work and life. This will spill-over and nothing is more infectious than creative anxiety.In gross level, creative anxiety often culminates into orgasm.

3. No free-loading : Most freelancers cannot afford a harem of secretaries, a cubicle full of interns or helps. But he needs them. So he is always looking for some help – either in book-keeping, Invoicing, posting, refreshing diary, eating and sleeping at proper time. Freeloading is impossible with a freelancer. A freelancer will even put a 9 year old to send some pre-drafted mail to some email IDs after checking / pasting. In short, the maladies of free loading – desperate housewives, obesity, mall-therapy will not be there at all.

4. Equality in stark Inequality If you ask someone in a crowd – ‘Do you think html files work better in TRADOS 9 or wordfast ?’ – most will be happy to answer that these are Greek to them. But ask about God, relationship, romance, sex – everybody has an opinion and this has remained same since the Greeks who listened to Pericles’ funeral oration. This human behaviour is making so called ‘equality’ leading to helplessness. If I were a slave-master in a corporation today, I would first make sure that some 100 men and women consider themselves ‘equal’ and behave as such. The immediate result will be this : these 99 fools will not be able to project a leader and the true leader will slip away long back. These leaderless bunch will not be able to put any kind of united resistance ( a group of men is not an army) to any threat – external and internal. Who will benefit ? The slave master. A Freelancer knows that the world is unequal. Were it not so, why mighty corporations care to send him an email ? The high sense of inequality in function make a natural division of labour and sphere of influence. The inequality make both powerful.

5. Understanding the Grace of the Cosmic Engine : This I think is the greatest benefit. In India, the first earning of the day is called bouni and is respected and a silent prayer is made by the freelancers – auto-wallahs, rickshaw pullers, small roadside vendors. This is acknowledgement of the Grace of the Cosmic Engine and the Designer. A freelancer can well understand that there are hundreds of people around and he would have no valid complaint if he were not awarded a job or project. The Cosmic Engine seems to be biased to work in his favour. On the other hand, many well paid corporate workers whine that their talents are not being recognized.  A freelancer cannot have an attitude of entitlement. Entitlement is like a parasite for spousic relationship where people conveniently forget (or think that the media, the Government, the corporate employer) actually ensure their necessities. An entitled brain lacks the capability to think deeper. It foolishly and with dire consequences as all ignorance brings identify immediate cause as the Supreme Cause.

Check your relationship under these 5 point lenses and write a blog post.


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