Gross and Subtle

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Gross and Subtle

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In case of a ball moving in air, the laws governing are action and reaction and Newton explained it. 

In case of an electron’s movement, the governing laws posit uncertainty and Heisenberg did not say action or reaction. 

In algebra, we call something x and after analysis, we find the X.

In calculus, the same x , y now become dy/dx and these cannot be found out. You have find them out in a mental space. Then you squeeze them mentally into such a small proportion that our mind breaks ! 

We can see one’s physcial body but cannot see mind, intelligence and the core of personality – false ego. But they are there. We feel this and this assumption lies at the root of all communication.

Air seems to pervade space and sky seems to be covering this. But sky seems to be unaffected. 

If someone suddenly dies – we find the physical body in front, the man was talking, thinking, solving problem shortly before but now nothing …. 

As we move from the gross to the subtle, the words to speak about these also remain subtler. 

The subtlest stuff of the Universe is the individual living spark without which every gross element below cease to work. Or such can be unanimously perceived by all of us.


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